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16. Finding pacifica- Weirdmaggedon

They ducked into what remained of the forest.

“So who are we going to get first?”

“Pacifica would probably be the easiest,” Micah said.

“How do you know that?” dipper asked.

“I know everything,” she turned, “I'm a demon, remember?” she thumped herself against a tree, looking down at the foot shaped roots.

“She’s under Northwest manor, panic zone, enough sandwiches to last a week, with her mum,” she announced. Stan went to speak but she stopped him, knowing what he was going to say “when a ghost was taking over Northwest manor they said they did.”

“Oh…” Stan rubbed the back of his head. Micah still looked sad now slumped in a ball on the floor. Why did she become a demon?

She floated herself back up and weakly raised her arms in fake excitement. “to Northwest manor!”


The Northwest manor was completely different since Mabel and dipper had last seen it. For one last time they had seen it, it had had a roof, a particularly fancy one at that. It had measured about 3 floors, the highest holding a giant window it now, as well as having no roof had been chopped down to two storeys. The two shorter sides of the house were crumbling, mostly fallen and what was left of the main building, except from the bottom floor, were in just as good a condition. As the 7 ran across the garden they realized that the garden was in no better state, over the last 4 days the once perfect hedge trimmings spelling 'NW' had been shredder until all that was left was scrawny black twigs.

As they arrived at the door they ducked under the porch as a pterodactyl and eye-ball bat following slightly behind. The original mahogany double doors opened reluctantly before slamming back into a coat stand behind it. The fancy carpets that had once laid in the house, were covered in rouble, the fancy staircase inaccessible (and even if it was unclimbable) and the furniture strewn, broken on the floor.

"over there..." Micah said, "by that... broken window..." she pointed at a carpet that was slightly raised in the corner and, surprisingly, in good condition. Micah was the first to go over, lifting the side of the carpet to reveal a steel handle leading from the wood. 

she stood back up, looming over the trap door. "who's going in first then!" she looked at the group expectantly. everybody ducked backwards except for Soos. 

"Aw, dudes!" Soos walked towards the hole and began to go down the ladder. Micah went in after him, followed by Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, ford and Stan. it must have gone about 20 meters down before a plump, padded carpet took over. The hallway was lit up dimly with what looked like the remains of generator energy. it seemed to have never been used before lately, the walls were stacked with tins and sandwiches that seemed to have been freeze dried to last longer but other than that it was empty.

"Pacifica, Mrs. Northwest!"

suddenly Dipper spotted a latch a the edge of the room, upon lifting it it revealed a small crawlspace with he two women stuffed inside.

"Dipper!" she jumped out, hugging dipper tightly and making him blush an intense shade of red. "we thought you were a monster!" she finally let go of dipper now grinning slightly at the fluorescent blush clear on his face. 

Micah didn't dare say it but that was too easy...

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