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19. finding (and saving) gideon- part 2- Weirdmaggedon

it only tool them a few minutes of scouring the perimeter of the fear-o-mid to realize one thing, there was no door. this was something that somewhere in there head they had known but had not yet acknowledged and ye here they were now, sliding along a ledge, conveniently placed around the rim of the pyramid, ducking and trying to avoid eyeball bats that were swooping past frequently. ford and Pacifica were flying nearby on the pterodactyl, ford complaining that none else could fly the dinosaur and Pacifica being a rich girl and also nearly loosing her balance the first time they got her on. 

"where's the door?" dipper asked looking forward at Micah.

"here," she held her hand against one of the bricks in the wall and it turned a bright blue shade before opening into the inside of the wall. 

"but that's jest another wall!" the now fluorescent dressed Mabel asked from behind dipper.

"I am aware!" she said sarcastically before stepping into the door that led to nowhere. she stepped in to a gap, just big enough for Soos to squeeze through between the outer wall and the inner wall. upon realizing this fact dipper quickly started to walk along the thin passage between the walls, then Mabel and eventually everyone was on the inside of the pyramid, sort of. it took about ten minutes to make it to a square shaped gap i the wall they were supposing was a window when Micah began to squeeze back and sit in the hole.

"so what's the plan?" she cocked her head back up, just allowing her to see through the window gap without being caught. Gideon was being held in a binding, much like the one ford had been held in, floating slightly above the now massive dream demon, bill cipher.

"bill i will never listen to you again!" 

the young blonde shouted, pointing his finger forward at the formidably large triangle in protest.

Really Gideon well…!” bill began to point his finger at the boy, making it glow a bright shade of blue, ready to fire at the boy, whose eyes were now wide in agonizing fear.

“STOP!” Micah jumped through the window, making the others behind the wall gasp in horror. Bill looked towards the girl menacingly as she ran forward to Gideon who was now falling to the floor.

“Micah, Micah, Micah, so good to see you and your little friends!” he rubbed his fingers together before emphasizing the friends and pulling Wendy, Soos, dipper, Mabel, Pacifica, Stan and ford through the window like gap.

Gideon, was now lying face down on the floor, Micah crouched a few cm behind him. “it’s been a while hasn’t it?” the sarcasm in her voice was a prominent feature and had bills temper both laughing at her teenager like insolence of pushing the boundary’s mixed with the red flares of anger that he had grown used to at the sight of his former victim of torture. When had she become so strong exactly?

The other 7 were still hovering, encased in the blue light of bills powers a few meters away however with a flick of her fingers quickly fell onto the hard floor of the pyramid. This succeeded in making bill even angrier. How could a teenager be stronger than him when HE was the one with INFINITE POWER?

“guess we’ll be on our way then see you in the dreamscape biiiiiiil!” she popped the l on the end after the extended I. bills figure turned an odd fluorescent shade of red, his eyes blank and white with anger his teeth (well what she could only suppose were teeth considering he had no mouth) were clenched hard.

“You will not!” he began to speak.

“Bye!” by this point the teenage demon was running across the room, pushing past the multiple diabolical creatures that were bills friends and she had once called bullies. The rest of the gang were quick on her tail, running towards what looked like an empty wall but they supposed (or hoped) would be something more.

The other creatures were behind them now, the closest (a large creature with what seemed like dozens of heads) was about a meter from Stan who was inconveniently bringing up the rear. As soon as they reached the wall Micah held her hand forward chanting some kind of spell before suddenly the wall around her hand became a blinding blue light.

All the demons flinched back covering their eyes protectively, the only one looking forward was Micah herself, the first to see the wall open into the gapping mess which was the apocalypse stricken gravity falls.

All the other demons were still covering their eyes when everyone, including Gideon, began to run forward only to be left on the edge, what seemed like thousands of feet above the ground.

“Everybody jump!”



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