Doctor Who: Death lives within

The Doctor finds himself in the town of Marshcastle where people are going missing. The last place they go is where they end up. Can The Doctor find out who, or what, is up to it?


1. Prologue

Charlie walked through the graveyard. It almost felt endless. He searched and searched for his father's grave. He hated coming here. From the chewing gum on the floor to the creepy Angel statues lining the edge. "Great" Charlie mumbled. "It's already been decorated." He recoiled at the sick and chewing gum on the grave. He couldn't believe people could be so sick as to ruin graves when people where already sad about their loss. Disgusted, Charlie turned around to go home, but he never went home again.

"So, when am I?" The Doctor asked to no one in particular. "Ah! 2009! Great year." He dropped the newspaper he was looking at. "Now, where am I?" He again said to himself. "Where publishes the 'Marscastle Times'?" He looked around for a sign. "Oh, Marshcastle, bit of a naff name isn't it?"

"Yeah, I always said that too." The doctor spun around to find a small, chubby man wearing a huge gold necklace.

"Mayor?" The doctor questioned

"Yep, but who are you?" He replied

"Oh yes, you didn't know I was coming, did you?" The doctor pulled out his physic paper. "John Smith, health and safety inspector." He flashed the paper.

"Why are you here?" The mayor asked

"Routine inspection, nothing to worry about.Unless you've been doing something unsafe of course!"

"There hasn't been much excitement here for a while... . Well, I'll let you do your job." The mayor stalked off. The doctor looked towards a graveyard, but he wasn't interested in the inside. Outside the gates were 2 angel statues. One of them was at a slight angle, as if it had moved. Weird.

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