the next storm

a collection of poems i've written (lowercase intended) (cover by me)


5. show you


—" the door to my heart is always open for you. i just fear you'll burn taking the first step "—


you have to come by in here someday,

i'll show you a world filled with yellowing rein.

you have to walk through these daises someday,

i'll show you the pain that we water them with.

you have to pat smooth these diamonds someday,

i'll show you the red on the cutter, they drain.

you have to smell all these roses someday,

i'll paint them with the blood they are splattered with.

you have to think of a sky there someday,

i'll show you the struggle of shadows they make.

you have to fathom a breakout through here,

i'll hold my demons, so you can escape.

you have to scream it, out there someday,

i came back alive, it's the deadliest place.

you have to someday, confide it for me,

she's deadly but fought hard, dying indeed.


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