Ship wreck

What happens when One direction goes on a crew ship and somehow a storm takes a toll on the ship making it blow over and everything going down. And somehow these five boys all survived but were drifted off together away from help onto a mystical island of what is contained with creatures nobody new existed.

What's Happens when all these boys almost die but were saved by a girl named Hicca Carmillia Natallia one of
The strangest yet Beatifulest girl and ends up being stuck helping these five boy survive on the island.

What happens when one of the boys end up falling for this girl who survives with her tribe but secrets are uncovered and hearts are broken. For this was only the beginning. 1/3 books....



        Louis POV

      I didn't know what the hell had happened all I knew was there was a crash. A huge crash and all of the boys were included in it. Were they dead or alive? Did they survive the horrible accident...they had to made it. Their strong and all I can think about was our last moments together.

     "Harry!" I screamed as the ship tilted a bit making my grasp on Harry's arms loosen enough to shake me making me fall dropping Niall who screamed frantically sliding across the deck into the ocean.

   "NO!" Zayn screamed letting go of Liam diving after Niall. Oh my gosh!

       I felt tears slip out my eyes as a random woman grabbed my calf trying to keep balance also. I let out another yell as a crack of lighting stroke the sky adding the bounce of the waves.

     The girl had dropped and I was slowly slipping away from Harry who was holding onto the rail for dear life along with Liam at his side and so far two of our crew had dropped along with several hundred other passengers and all the boats that were stored to keep us safe were flipped upside down in the water.

     "HARRY IM SLIPPING!" I screamed; it was true I was at a tread. I'm gonna die at 17 years old along with the other guys and our career and life was just starting too....

    "Hold on Louis! We gotta make it through this!" Liam yelled while Harry was grasping for air... He was holding mine and his weight all together. 

   Poor chap

The ship deck began to rock unconditionally making me fall away from Liam and Harry who let out a panicked scream.

   I fell hitting the other rack of bars slidding through the slips of the bars. I heard my name being called out from Liam and Harry's mouth along with Nialls and Zayns.

I let out a choking sob as my body hit the freezing water which instantly numbed my body.

     My eyes fluttered opened too see the bright sun flashing in my eyes. Sand buried somewhat of me and my tattered clothing.

I'm not dead.

But the rest of the boys might be....

Harry Edward Styles  was only Fifthteen! The youngest one in the band! The youngest! Too damn cheeky and caring for his on good.

Niall James Horan the unlucky Irish guy he was only fiftheen too he had so many years ahead of him so many dreams and plans left to fufill, he had the looks I must say, the life, and caring personality. He didn't deserve this and if he's still alive he's probably confused as hell.

Zayn Javad Malik! was amazing and talented at everything he did. Yes he was shy but also talent he could dance, sing, make you laugh, and draw! Why did he have too go?

Liam Payn was too responsible he hadn't had anytime to actually live and now they all might be gone.

He was smart I must say and for the farest he keep us in line.

Shut up! Louis! Don't think like that they made it! There okay! My heart yelled at me but my brain knew they hadn't made it. There was no such thing. I barely even survived and I was surprise to wake up not be at heavens gates.

After I finally felt my numb body being brought from the unfeeling state I felt the crispy sand surronding me, the waves crashing against the shores. It was hard to believe everything that was happening.

It was overwhelming really.

    They were all so young and had a lot ahead of them and didn't deserve to die. I sniffled a bit. But I had one question that's been pondering in my head.

Where the hell was I?

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