The Heart Wants What It Wants

The very famous, most handsome bachelor, and also the son of the most famous popstar. A strong girl, who was sexually abused by her step father and almost killed by her mother..

Justin "Jay" Bieber Jr. always preferred living his life as the son of the most legendary Popstar 'Justin Drew Bieber'. Blinded by the spotlight, money and girls, Jay loved his life. There was nothing else he could ever want. He had everything he could ever want, brand new car? No problem, Daddy Justin will be going on tour for his comeback. Jay never had to fight or work to get what he wanted. It all just comes handed right to his palm but that day ended when Karissa Walmsley walked in his life.

Karissa Walmsley, the niece of the Head Maid Headquarters of the Bieber Residence. Karissa is a top Straight - A student, the future valedictorian of Dalton Academy of New York City, and a future surgeon .. or at least that is what she hoped to become someday...

Two very different lives. Two very different people.


1. Prologue


I am running, I keep on running and I don't know why I am running because I know that in the end he will find me. I need air, I am running out of breath. I quietly crawl under the table that is covered with black table cloth. 

" Come out, come out wherever you are" he chuckled. 

I cover my mouth to cover the sound of my breathing. My eyes flood with tears and my heart racing for my own life. I can hear the crack of floors, letting me know that he is getting closer to me. My sweat drips down my eye, stinging it. 

" I like this game, Karissa " he whispered to himself. 

He walks out of the room and I breathe out. I look around and find him nowhere insight. I think of the next place to hide. 

" HAHA Found you! " He grabs both of my arms and pushes me against the wall. I can feel his hardness on my hips. I scream and I scream for help. 

"No. Stop! Get away from me!" I kick him in the balls and he growls in pain. 

"That is it, you fucking slut. I am done playing nice." He grabs me and throws me on his shoulder. I kick, I move, I punch, I tried everything I could possibly do to get away. He drops me on the bed and closes the door behind him. And I tell myself, this is it. This is the day I die mentally and physically, there is nothing else I can do other than to stop fighting and kill myself after this is over. I tell myself that it will be over soon, everything will be over soon.


I think to myself how did it get it to this? 6 years ago, I remember that I had everything that I wanted. A loving father, who came home every night. A mother, who always took care of my younger sister and I. A beautiful younger sister, who I loved so much. As he rips all of my clothes off, I don't fight him. It's a blur sound but I can hear him laughing and saying "See you fucking slut. I knew you always wanted it." I close my eyes for surrender and I ask God what have I done to deserve this. 


I hear the doors being busted down and the sound of cop cars whining. I stayed laying down on the bed. Is it over yet? I can feel my body being covered with a cold sheet. Am I dead? There are cops everywhere, they are taking him away. He screams. I can hear him screaming that he didn't do anything. The paramedics are lighting my eyes with light but I don't respond. I can hear one say "she's in shock" and the other say " we need to get her out of here". A woman and I was left in the room alone and she slowly began dressing me with something I am unfamiliar with. This weren't my clothes. 


"You are in shock. Everything is alright now. You're stepfather is being locked away for good and you will never have to worry about him." The woman said while she dressed me. A feeling of relief came at me and I began to cry so hard. "I am dressing you to bring you to the hospital and you will need to go to the NYPD to tell the your statement. I want you to tell them everything, don't be afraid. You are going to be okay now. I promise you". The woman smiled at me. 





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