The Heart Wants What It Wants

The very famous, most handsome bachelor, and also the son of the most famous popstar. A strong girl, who was sexually abused by her step father and almost killed by her mother..

Justin "Jay" Bieber Jr. always preferred living his life as the son of the most legendary Popstar 'Justin Drew Bieber'. Blinded by the spotlight, money and girls, Jay loved his life. There was nothing else he could ever want. He had everything he could ever want, brand new car? No problem, Daddy Justin will be going on tour for his comeback. Jay never had to fight or work to get what he wanted. It all just comes handed right to his palm but that day ended when Karissa Walmsley walked in his life.

Karissa Walmsley, the niece of the Head Maid Headquarters of the Bieber Residence. Karissa is a top Straight - A student, the future valedictorian of Dalton Academy of New York City, and a future surgeon .. or at least that is what she hoped to become someday...

Two very different lives. Two very different people.


3. Chapter Two


Karissa’s P.O.V


I quickly walk downstairs while my Auntie run off her mouth about how I should always make sure that no one is in the room before walking in. I did knocked and nobody answered, it was an honest mistake. But I can’t complain. My auntie has been very kind enough to take me in under her wing because I am still underage and can’t live on my own. After my father and my twin’s sister death, Elena, nothing has been the same. I am very thankful to what I have. 


I have been living with my Auntie since the beginning of August and school just started. I decided to help out cleaning for my Auntie’s boss many huge mansions instead of going to first day of school since I know that its just orientation day. But my auntie and I have talked that I will skip Tuesdays and Thursdays to help clean, which is okay with me. I’ll just have to work harder at school so I won’t get behind in schoolwork. 


My Auntie and I live in the little guest house that the Bieber’s own behind their mansion because they need my auntie 24/7 so they decided to let her stay in the house. I guess my auntie has worked long enough for them to trust her with their guest house. And they were kind enough to let me stay as well. Without them, I wouldn’t be going to this private school, I guess they heard about what happened to me. To be honest, I would have just gone to a public school but Auntie said it would have been very rude of me to decline their offer to send me in a private school. But why should I? I obviously don’t belong in such school with a bunch of rich, spoiled girls and boys. But I decided to take advantage of this opportunity because I know that applying to universities with this school in my application would make it very, very easy to get in. 


My alarm goes off, It’s 6am and I am wide awake. I am nervous about going to school. I stare at my school uniform, it’s elegant and very expensive. I need to take care of it. It’s a cute royal dark blue skirt, a white blouse and a dark blue tie. Mr. and Mrs. Bieber also gave me brand new school shoes. They are so kind to me though I know it’s all pity and charity. 


“Karissaaaa!!” My Auntie Linda yelled. “ breakfast is ready! You don’t want to be late!! Make sure you leave the house before anyone sees you.”


Oh ya. I have to leave before any of them get up. This is because we are the servants and their our masters. We shouldn’t be seen leaving the property with them. I drag myself to the shower and get ready for the day.



Justin’s P.O.V




“Ugh, I don’t want to get up.” I moaned to my pillow. But I get up anyway. It’s the second day of school and I gotta look good. All the girls and new freshman will be there and they will see me and I have a reputation to uphold. I put on the male school uniform of our school and obviously, it doesn’t make me look good because I make the uniform look good. I grin to myself. Yes I know what you are thinking. I have a huge ego but how can I not? I am the student body president, girls literally melt to the ground whenever they see me. They make it too easy. There is not one girl, who wouldn’t want me. Some play hard to get but they give in anyway. It is just too easy. 


I jog down the stairs and I grab a piece of toast and my protein shake ready to go. 


“Have a good day!” I hear some of servants say. 


I grab my keys to my Ferrari and drive to school. The drive to school only takes about 20 minutes, or longer if there is traffic but with this baby, I can get there 15 minutes tops. 


“Heeeyyy man!!” I give my man Christian a hand shake and a hug.


“Grad 2017 baby!!” Christian cheers. Ah, senior year for him. Christian is a year older than me.


“Ya ya!” I reply to him. 


We go to our assigned lockers and one by one, I am surrounded with the basketball team and they all talk about what they did this summer and who they did.


“get this, Alicia comes over the house, while I have Summer in my room. I honestly thought I was screwed but Summer decides to hide in my closet until I finally got Alicia to leave.” Blake brags and everyone cheers him on. Alicia and Summer happens to be bestfriends or at least, that’s what I thought.


“Justin!” I turn. Oh great.


“He-“ before I know it Angelica smashes her lips on my mine.


I grab her shoulders and pull her away from me. “ What are you doin?” I asked. “ We broke up.” I blurt out.


“ouch!” Christian whispered and I am gonna punch him for that later.


Angelica scoffs and turns on her heels. Well, that was easier than I thought. 


I turn around to Christian and gave him a *really???* look and he puts his hands up on sign of defeat. The bell rings and we turn to walk to our classes.


Karissa’s P.O.V


This school is so damn beautiful. Dalton Academy of New York. I have two more years until I finally graduate. I really need to work hard this year and next year so I can start making my portfolio to apply for scholarships and universities. I don’t need an elite school, I just need to get in somewhere good and hopefully get in a medical school.


I walk around the hallways and familiarize myself so I don’t get lost. As I walk, I see Justin. Oh no. He goes here too? I better hide so he doesn’t see me. But what if he already knows I go here too? He probably doesn’t remember me. But what if he does? I don’t want him to tell everyone I am his maid. Oh, man! I just wanted a quiet life. I have had enough of everyone knowing me and pitying me. This is one of the reasons why I moved away from Europe and came here to America. So no one would know me and no one would know what happened to me. Maybe he doesn’t know what happened to me. I’ll just lay low. 


I was about to walk straight when this beautiful, tall blonde girl walks up to Justin and kisses him on the lips. Wow, they look great together and definitely look like they belong together. Perfect timing. I fast walk behind the girl and the bell rings. Whew. Chemistry here I come!!


Justin’s P.O.V 


I loathed Chemistry, oh I really do. I can’t wait for it to be over. I can’t wait to see all the freshman girls drool all over me. Fools. How can a pretty face fool them so easily? I sit through Chemistry, pretending to listen to Mrs. Johnson talk about acids and bases but all I can think about is what the special is for lunch and Karissa. Haven’t seen her at all. Even when I came home last night, didn’t see her shadow. Maybe she was only there for the day to help out Linda. Damn, I am curious about her. I wonder if I gotten under skin. She definitely got in mine. 

Imagining her ass bounce up and down, left and right,  seem to have made the time pass faster. I sit in the middle of Math room, staring at the white board. Mr. Redera talk about probability. I rock math without even trying to learn it. I don’t know how or why but I understand it completely but I can’t seem to understand Chemistry, when it also has Math. 

 As I day dream, a girl walks by me to walk up to the board. She must be answering a question on the board. Naturally, I check out her ass. Damn I like the way they bounce, it almost like the way Karis- - .. I quickly look up to see who this girl is and I can’t believe my eyes. Am I day dreaming?? I must be. Why is she here? She’s our maid. She can’t possibly afford to pay for this school unless my parents pay Linda an incredible amount of money. I shake my head and rub my eyes. Yes. It’s really her. I watch her ass shimmy as she writes on the white board.

“Damn that ass.” Christian whispers to my ear. I quickly got annoyed. For some reason, I don’t like that he is looking at her like that. I shrug it off and I agree with him. Damn it. I want him to stop looking at her ass. Only I wanted to see that. I wanted it. I wanted to own that ass. 

“Very well, Ms. Sawyer” Mr. Redera praises her. Not only she has the nicest ass I have ever seen, she’s also smart. I must be dreaming. 


She smiles at him and turns around and her eyes catches mine. She stay stills and her mouth opens in shock. She quickly looks away and walks back to her desk with her head down. My eyebrows met. What’s wrong with her? 


Finally, the bell rings. “Wohoo! It’s lunchtime. What should we grab for lunch?” Christian asks. 


“Uhh.Not sure. hey, how about I meet you there? I gotta do something.” I say. 




I wait outside the classroom for Karissa to get out. I don’t even know why I am here. What am I going to say her? One by one, I watch every one come out and of course she had to be the last one. I grab her arm. She gasps.


I quickly let go. “Hey.” I say. What in the hell is wrong with me? 


“Hi. Mr. Bieber.” she stutters. Holy fuck! She is so fucking cute.


“Justin.” I said firmly. 


she looks at me with confusion in her eyes. “Just call me Justin.” 


“Oh” and her mouth shapes the perfect round “O” 


“What are you doing here?” I ask.


“uhm, school?” she replies. What the fuck Justin? Of course she is here for school. What is going on with you? Get your shit together!.


“I mean, what are you doing for lunch?” Lunch Justin?? Now you’re asking her for lunch??????? You don’t do lunch! EVER! 


“Well I was going to go to the cafeteria and eat.” she answers.


“Uhmm well I am going there. You wanna come with me?” I ask. Did you seriously just ask her to eat lunch? You never asks a girl to sit with you at lunch. Not even your girlfriends. 


“Umm, no..” she said. “Thank you though” and she walks away. I stare at the floor. NO?? Did she just reject Justin Bieber????????? 


I chase her down the hallway and quickly caught up to her. “No? “  I said.


“I am sorry. It’s just that you have a girlfriend and I am sure you are being nice to me but it is okay. I can do this myself. “ she explains. Me? girlfriend? being nice? No honey, I just want that ass.


“First, I don’t have a girlfriend and second, I am trying to ask you to eat with me and you rejected me. I don’t get rejected. Ever.” There you go. Finally something you would say Justin. GOD! 


She’s looking at me.. she’s looking at me, like she can see through me. My heart starts to pump. What the hell? 


“Sir… err.. I mean, Justin. I saw that very beautiful lady kiss you this morning. And I think its more appropriate that you ask her to lunch, not your maid.” she gives me a blank look.


“Angelica is not my girlfriend.. anymore so I think I can ask anyone I want for lunch. And outside of the mansion you are not my maid. Now, eat with me.” 


Karissa looks around her and she sees people whispering and looking at us. I noticed her breathing starts to get a lil bit faster and heavier. Before I know it, I grab her face and look at her in the eyes. She looks at me and her eyes twinkles. But I can tell that it is full of hurt and she looks so frightened.


“Hey.. What’s wrong?” I whisper.


She inhales and wiggles her head and runs away. What the hell was that about?


“What are you all lookin’ at? Piss off!” I yell. I turn around and walk to the cafeteria. I think I just lost my appetite. 

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