The Heart Wants What It Wants

The very famous, most handsome bachelor, and also the son of the most famous popstar. A strong girl, who was sexually abused by her step father and almost killed by her mother..

Justin "Jay" Bieber Jr. always preferred living his life as the son of the most legendary Popstar 'Justin Drew Bieber'. Blinded by the spotlight, money and girls, Jay loved his life. There was nothing else he could ever want. He had everything he could ever want, brand new car? No problem, Daddy Justin will be going on tour for his comeback. Jay never had to fight or work to get what he wanted. It all just comes handed right to his palm but that day ended when Karissa Walmsley walked in his life.

Karissa Walmsley, the niece of the Head Maid Headquarters of the Bieber Residence. Karissa is a top Straight - A student, the future valedictorian of Dalton Academy of New York City, and a future surgeon .. or at least that is what she hoped to become someday...

Two very different lives. Two very different people.


4. Chapter Three

Karissa’s P.O.V


    You like it, don’t you? The attention. You know you like it. Why don’t you just accept it? Stop playing the tease game. You don’t have to pretend. Not with me. 


I ran to the nearest bathroom I could find. I sat on the toilet in one of the stalls and calmed myself down. It has been awhile since a panic attack hit me. This is not good. It seems like Justin is a really, really known in school. Why did I had to get involve with him? It could had been anyone but why him? I wiped my tears away. I learned to get past my panic attacks by myself when I learned that they were going to be with me forever. But what triggers them is what I can’t help.. I can never know what can trigger them. It’s a different situation every time I get a panic attack except for the whisperings. I know that I get panic attacks when attention is brought to me. All on me. This was my weakness. I hated attention. I hated the way I looked. The way I walk. I hate everything about me. Men look at me like a piece of meat. Like they are wild dogs and wants a bite of me. I never wanted that kind of attention. I didn’t ask for it and I hate myself for it. 


After lunch, I had Physical Education so it was a good release of stress. I sweated all the stress away. I also never saw Justin for the rest of the day, which was good. When I got home, I tried to do avoid seeing Justin so I did all my chores as fast as I can so that I can go back to the guest house early before he comes home for dinner.


“ Karissa!!”


“yes?’ i replied.


“ I know you have homework to do but one of the housemaids had family emergency and I need you to help serve dinner tonight.” she said.


“Of course, Auntie. That is not a problem.” I replied right away. I really thought I wouldn’t be seeing Justin today. I sighed and dressed as a maid.


Peppered Tuna with Nicoise Salad. “Nicoise". I repeated that word under my breath a couple times like I am singing it while I get them ready for Mr. and Mrs. Bieber. 


“Hi.” I felt a warm breathe on my neck and I gasped. My heart slammed against my chest. Oh no! It's okay calm down, you're fine. You're safe.


Justin turns me around and I look up to him. My eyes were getting  blurry from tears stinging my eyes. I tried my hardest to not let a tear fall down but I couldn’t help it anymore. I can’t get any air in my lungs. My head is spinning.


“Karissa?.. Karissa, What’s wrong??” I hear Justin but his voice sounds faint to me. I am looking straight at him, and I can longer hear him speak. He’s talking. I tried to read his lips. I want to answer him but it feels like I have no control of my body. He grabbed my shoulders and for the first time, and what felt like forever I inhaled air. 


Justin’s P.O.V


“Karissa?.. Karissa, what’s wrong? Are you okay?.. Say something.” I grabbed shoulders and she finally breathes again. “ Karissa its okay. You’re alright. I got you.” and next thing I know, she faints. “shit” I muttered under my breath.

"Oh my goodness! Karissa!" my eyes shot up to Linda, who was running towards me. 

"I-I uh I don't know what happened. I said hello and sh- she like went into shock or something" I explained while carrying her to the living room. 

Linda was trying very hard to keep her tears from falling. "I'm so sorry Master Jay. Just lay her here and I will serve you your dinner" her voice cracked.

"No. I am alright. I want to know what's wrong with her." I softly said. 

"Oh I don't know. She's not very communicative, you see. She grew up too fast and all by herself. She's had it rough Master." Linda said while she moves Karissa's her out of her face. Karissa is so beautiful.

"I will go and grab wet cloth." Linda got up and fast walked to the kitchen. I stare at Karissa and I don't know what it is but I feel so over protective of her. I just want to protect her from everything. From the world. Hide her for only me to see. I feel like I have something that no one else knows and I don't want to expose it. 

"I will call Jose so he can carry her back to our guest hou-"


"No!" I yelled. Linda looked at me." I mean, I can do it. There is no need for Jose." I replied.

"Oh are you sure? You're parents will be home soon. They wouldn't want to see you carrying Karissa. I don't want to her to get in trouble." Linda said. "I am sure Jose wouldn't mind it. It's the rules." 


"No it's fine. I'll just bring her to my room for now to sleep in and so I can eat dinner with my parents"

"Master Jay, I don't think that that is necessary." 

"Linda. Just stop arguin' with me. It's cooler up in my room anyway and bed is very soft. Besides, I won't do anything to her. " I explained while I pick up Karissa.

"I didn't mean it like that Master." She quickly replied. 

"I'm sure you didn't it." I said while I walk up the stairs. Karissa is so light. My heart ached. She's so skinny. How come she's like this? I really want to know.  I laid her down and covered her with the comforter. She looks so peaceful while she's asleep and at the same time I get the feeling that she's in the middle of war in her head. In war with herself. Is she insecure? I sure hope not cause God, she's like the reincarnation of Aphrodite. Hell, she's more gorgeous than Aphrodite. 

I hear the door opening from the downstairs. My parents must be home. They wouldn't like the idea of Karissa being in my room. And its not because she's a girl but because she's our servant. My parents doesn't care who I bring home because they know who I will end up in the end anyway. 


I quickly run downstairs, "My parents don't need to know Karissa is in my room. I'll let her stay the night there." I tell Linda. "I promise I won't do anything to her." I looked at Linda's eyes. 

Linda just nodded. " You better go sit at the table. " she simply said. 


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