The Heart Wants What It Wants

The very famous, most handsome bachelor, and also the son of the most famous popstar. A strong girl, who was sexually abused by her step father and almost killed by her mother..

Justin "Jay" Bieber Jr. always preferred living his life as the son of the most legendary Popstar 'Justin Drew Bieber'. Blinded by the spotlight, money and girls, Jay loved his life. There was nothing else he could ever want. He had everything he could ever want, brand new car? No problem, Daddy Justin will be going on tour for his comeback. Jay never had to fight or work to get what he wanted. It all just comes handed right to his palm but that day ended when Karissa Walmsley walked in his life.

Karissa Walmsley, the niece of the Head Maid Headquarters of the Bieber Residence. Karissa is a top Straight - A student, the future valedictorian of Dalton Academy of New York City, and a future surgeon .. or at least that is what she hoped to become someday...

Two very different lives. Two very different people.


2. Chapter One

 My head is ringing. What the hell are the maids doing this early in the morning vacuuming? And what the fuck is that? Is that someone.. singing? I peeled my eyes open as my head registers what woke me up. Vacuum and the worst singer I had ever heard in my life on remix. Is this really fucking happening right now? Who fucking hired this idiot? Linda? No way, Linda is smarter than that. Knowing Linda she is always very picky of who to hire especially cleaning my part of the house. I hear another sound of her screaming to her lungs out. Oh my god, she sounds worse than Christina Aguilera when she performed with a throat infection at that one concert. 

"Ughhhhh!!" I cover my ears with pillows. I look at the time, 12:41pm. I jumped out of the my bed. "Shit! I am so damn late for school."

I run downstairs. "Why didn't anyone wake me up?" I yelled. I hear no reply. Who do these people think they are? I fast walked across the hall, following where the singing and the vacuuming was coming from and then I saw the nicest view I had ever seen. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that I wasn't still sleeping and when I was finally able to open my eyes, I saw the most nicest ass I had ever seen was swinging left to right, left to right, left to right. As she stood up, her small waist made her ass look even more sexier and damn those long, tan legs! I was definitely awake now. I walk towards this mysterious lady and of course, I grab her ass. 

"Ahhhh!!" she screamed and dropped the the vacuum as she pulled out her ear buds out. Big, bright dark grey eyes stared at back me with horror. She open her mouth and closed it again. I took the opportunity to study her cherry red lips and her very black coloured hair. I wondered how long it is?

"Who are you? I am going to call the cops. " she threatens and quickly grabs the duster. I laughed loudly. This morning is starting well, or should I say afternoon?

"You seriously don't know who I am? Who the hell hired you?" I laughed.

"What is going on here? why are you yelling at Master Jay?" Linda comes running towards. "I am so sorry, Master Jay. This is my niece. She is new. Please forgive her for her careless act."

"I'm sorry" I hear her angelic voice. My eyes shot up back to her exotic eyes. What is this about her? There something so.. I don't even know what word to use to explain, its like lust, craving, attracting all of those words put together. It's like God just decided put all of the best pieces together and she was born. 

"I'm not." I replied. "I'm Justin Bieber".

"uh.. Karissa.." she shook my hand with her tiny cold hand. "Walsmley. Karissa Walsmley"

Karissa. What a beautiful name. I honestly never heard of the name Karissa. Karissa studies me from my head to toe. I smile.

"I didn't know.. uhh I thought this room was empty because I knocked a couple of times and so I just let myself in. I'm sorry. I can just quietly get out of here and I can continue this area later when you are away." Her accent sounds different though, she doesn't sound country. 

I nodded. "Thanks." 

I see her cheek flush as she grabs all of her stuff and quickly walk away. I watch her bottom bounce as she tried to get out of my room as fast as she can. Damn. I hope she stays here for awhile. Next time I'll have more of a normal conversation with her.  

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