My personal Poetry.

This has all my own poetry in it. Maybe some of other poets poetry that I personally love


5. Love

You have fallen into the pits of despair, 

Hoping we'd be the perfect pair.

Alas, I never, ever knew

that those wonderful notes were from you.

I smiled you unknowingly,

yet it still filled you with glee...

I have fallen into a hole I made,

Across my skin, I took a blade.

misery became my only friend,

I thought it was only him and I.

You smiled at me,

my soul slightly flickered.

other people only snickered,

instead you took my hand,

suddenly, I started to understand.

It was you all along! 

I had been going about this all wrong.

dear sweet boy, hold me close

my love to you, I will expose.

I love you, such an understatement,

my love for you shall not be bent!

I see now that we belong...

our love will be incredibly strong.



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