Unexpected Love

Elizabeth has been set for an arranged marriage with the very rich, very handsome James Barker. A man she has never met. What if he's mean? what if he hates her? what if she falls in love with him? so many questions of what might be and what might begin.


8. Chapter8

I wake to discover I am alone. I slip on my silk robe and begin searching the halls for James. When I can't find him anywhere in the house I decide to see if he is in the stables.I pull on my boots and step out into the cold. The air nips at my cheeks as I trudge threw the snow. I am stopped when I see the servants home. the windows are broken and screaming comes from inside.

I sprint to the house and push threw the door. I am appalled when I see blood all over the dining and sitting room. Men are fighting and screaming in each other's faces. Women are shielding children in corners. I am horrified when I spit James dirty blonde hair out of the corner of my eye. He has his hands gripped around a mans jacket trying to pull him of another man. He gets yanked away by a man who punches him across the face. I shred as he doubles over and spits up blood. He must have heard me because his eyes seek up and meet mine.

"Well look who we have here." A man with a tattered coat walks toward me. I try to back away but he is quick and grabs me. " Princess I wonder how much that silk costs?" my mouth is dry and I can't breathe. Ha pulls out a blade I let out a whisper of a scream. " Now I'm sure you wouldn't mind giving me some." He jabs the knife into my robe and chuckles. He starts carving as scraps of cloth fall to the ground. He cuts me…deep and red seeps threw the silk. I feel dizzy and try to fall to the wall but he he pins me to the wall. He doesn't notice when he cuts me again. I feel as though I'm going to be sick and I let out a cry.

Hand wrap around the man and I see James face. The man lets go of me and I fall to the floor. I don't see what James does to the man. I put my hand on my cut, when I pull it up it is covered in red. I groan as the pain seeps threw me and the ground around me gets wet. I feel arms wrap around me and I am greeted by James face. He looks so scared and his eyes are full of sorrow. "Hold on Lizzy."he says as he lifts me up but I black out. The last thing I remember is breathing. "James."

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