Unexpected Love

Elizabeth has been set for an arranged marriage with the very rich, very handsome James Barker. A man she has never met. What if he's mean? what if he hates her? what if she falls in love with him? so many questions of what might be and what might begin.


7. chapter7

My parents Left without bothering to come in the house. They each gave me a peck on the cheek and said they can't wait for the wedding day. I didn't regret it when I told them to go to hell threw my teeth. Of course they didn't hear me but I felt triumph.

"Elizabeth we are so happy to have you here."spoke Mr.Barker. " please call me Liz and I'm happy to be here"I replied and I was being honest I felt happy here then with my glum parents." well then Liz your maids will show you to your room." he always said everything with a smile.

My room was very big with a great bay window. The walls were covered in painted pink flowers And the bed had fluffy white quilt. I sat on my bed for a minute but decided to go for a walk. I walked down the halls staring at grand artwork hanging on the walls.

I was startled by a arm being wrapped around me. I turned to see James face incredibly close to mine. "I missed you Liz." He murmured but before I could reply his lips clashed into mine. His mouth tasted of alcohol, he was clearly intoxicated. This made me furious. He acts so cold when I get here, then gets drunk and throws himself at me. I try squirm out of his grip but he has me pinned against the wall. I knew him in the groin and he releases me with sharp breathe. "Are you mad? You act like could care less about me when I get here then decide to throw yourself at me and tell me you miss me!" I brush my hands threw my hair in an angry matter. " Lizzy I'm sorry," he stumbles towards me but I back away. " When you sober up you can find me." I run back to my room for I fear I won't have the strength to put on a strong face any longer.

Dinner time rolls a round and I take my time getting ready. After my incident with James I barley even want to look at him,none the less sit across from him at dinner. I brush my hair briskly and try as much as I can to straighten my pink silk dress out. I feel like a mess but not as much of a mess as James was earlier. I walk down the grand stair case wondering what will come of this so called marriage. at the bottom stands James with bouquet of flowers. He is cleaned up wearing a navy suit. He stands there staring dreamily at me and I stand there admiringly at him trying so hard to hold a grudge. "I'm sorry Liz I know you are giving up a lot right now and I need to be more for you. I need to be there for. I want to be whatever and everything you need. I promise from now on I will always be there for you…I mean we are getting married." He smiles at me and I feel as though those words have just created a bridge to our future. He said everything I needed to hear and I begin to tear up. I smile back at him, staring into those sparkling eyes that I have missed so much. I can't help it and more I rush down to steps and jump into his arms. He kisses me giving the electricity back to my heart. He picks me up spinning me up spinning me around. It as though everything feels perfect for the first time in forever.

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