Unexpected Love

Elizabeth has been set for an arranged marriage with the very rich, very handsome James Barker. A man she has never met. What if he's mean? what if he hates her? what if she falls in love with him? so many questions of what might be and what might begin.


6. chapter6

Months turn over and before I know it the world is once again covered in snow.Until today no word has been spoken of the marriage. There had been riots, dangerous riots. James insisted that I not come until it was safe. For some reason I miss James.I barely new him but he was the type of person I'd never known. The type of person who cares about people more then money.

My parents have been getting anxious. Worried about having to organize another marriage. But yet today Mr. Barker gave the word it was safe and the marriage is back on. My parents not even questioning it, threw my stuff in the carriage and set off. They haven't been the same. When I was a child they were happy. But recently they only seem to care about money.

I stare out the window and as we go over the old Quackier Bridge, I can't help but see James green eyes in the sparkling water. He was so handsome, so utterly handsome. I've met a lot of men my parents have tried to spark me with, but not one have I ever been so attracted to at first glance. And he cares. Only anyone ever sees me for is wealth but him… he's different. He doesn't see threw me. Today I'm not so scared of what might be. Only worry if he had changed.

We pull into the Barkers driveway and the butterflies in my belly start to dance. My parents get out of the carriage without a word. At the doorway stands James and Mr.Barker. Mr. Barker walks down to greet us. James stays at the doorway. I want to run to James but he stares impassively at me. Why is he cold all of a sudden? Has he changed? My heart drops.

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