Unexpected Love

Elizabeth has been set for an arranged marriage with the very rich, very handsome James Barker. A man she has never met. What if he's mean? what if he hates her? what if she falls in love with him? so many questions of what might be and what might begin.


5. chapter5

I pulled away from James and regained back my sense. This isn't what I need, I don't want this. This will only ever be an arranged marriage not love.I do not live in a fairly tale. I quickly walked away from James. He didn't chase after me.

I turned a corner and stopped just to hold myself and breathe. stay strong I told my self overs and over again.

I walked in to were my parents and Mr.Barker were talking. When they saw me everyone seemed to slum. I sat down next to my mother on s long coach. "Lizzy," she spoke " Mr. Barker, your father and I have discussed that this would not be a good time for the marriage. And that we should wait a little longer. " My face fell and she could tell I was unsure. "there is a lot going on right no so we just want to wait another few months for this to work." my father explained. I noticed Mr.Barker was being usually quiet. and when looked him I saw he was staring at his cut up pants.

We packed up the carriage and said our goodbyes. James stood by the door not biding any goodbyes. Before I climbed into the carriage I looked at him. His eyes were squinted almost trying to see threw me. but still I mouthed "goodbye" and gave a small smile. I took my seat next to my mother and we began to ride on. I looked out my window back at James and saw Homs quickly walking down the steps. He stopped in the middle of the dirt rode behind us. His eyes wide and full of longing. My heart almost ached but for now that was the end of James…and I.

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