Unexpected Love

Elizabeth has been set for an arranged marriage with the very rich, very handsome James Barker. A man she has never met. What if he's mean? what if he hates her? what if she falls in love with him? so many questions of what might be and what might begin.


10. chapter 10

I sleep soundly after yesterday's events. I can't believe James just left me. He so carelessly walked out and never returned. Why is he being so different I care so much about him and I fear he doesn't feel the same. I may love this man.

I wake up to snow lightly falling outside my window. I try to get out of bed but I'm into much pain from my stitches.My maids bring me breakfast in bed and I spend my mourning reading and staring out my window.

After lunch has passed neither Mr.Barker or James has come to see me. Are they angry with me. I have a feeling it was because I snapped at James yesterday. I wish he would just get over himself and come visit me. I miss him.

My day goes by slowly and in the late afternoon I drift off to sleep. I don't know how late it was in the evening but I wake to see James standing in my door way."James?" I mumble sleepily. He stands there for a moment but then walks closer as he reaches my bed his figure changes. I see the tattered coat and I know it isn't James. The man holds the something in his hand but I can't make out what it is. All of a sudden he jumps at me jabbing the object into my chest. I am unable to scream has the faceless figure pins me to my bed."The silk!" he screams "I want the rest of your silk!"

I wake up screaming in my bed.James rushes into my room followed by Mr.Barker and my maids."Lizzie are you all right." James ask me worriedly. "There was the man he came into my room begging me forcefully for my silk." I am breathing wildly and my heart is racing. "Liz it was only a dream." James brushes my hair trying to calm me."it all felt so real." I breathe. "your safe now." he pulls my head in towards his chest. Mr.Barker and my maids leave but James lingers. At one point he get up to leave but I stop him "No, Please stay with me." he lays down next to me in my bed and holds me in his arms. I want to question why he left me all day and tell him how I missed him. But I lay in his comfort as my he kisses my neck giving me peace and the feeling of home.

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