Outcast |L•H|

"Why would someone like you,like someone like me?"

"Because you're beautiful."

"I'm just an outcast"


7. 6

Luke's POV

Why do I have to be so mean to her?

I can't tell her I love her.

I went upstairs.

"Calum where's JayCee?" I asked.

"In the bathroom why?" Calum said.

I ignored him and I left.

Maybe next time?

Damn it why am I such a coward!

I already had JayCee's number so I texted her.

Hey JayCee its Luke. Can we talk? Meet me during lunch tomorrow.

I hit send.

God I hope she shows up.

Short update sorry! At least I updated! It's been a while! Sorry I've been sooooo inactive. Pls don't hate me :( -Irwin_94

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