Outcast |L•H|

"Why would someone like you,like someone like me?"

"Because you're beautiful."

"I'm just an outcast"


6. 5

JayCee's POV

Not so long after,we got to Calum's house.

It was a normal white color.

After her parked,I got out.

Calum handed me my backpack with my clothes and led me inside.

The house was big enough for about three people.

I followed Calum into a room that was already decorated.

"Who's room is this?" I asked.

"It's my sisters but she's on vacation." Calum responded.

"Oh." Was all I said.

"Wanna get started on the project?" Calum asked.

"Yeah sure." I said.

I followed him to his room.

There were so many posters that I couldn't count them.

"Okay so what song do you wanna do?" Calum asked.

"I was thinking we could do a Twenty One Pilots and a Melanie Martinez mashup of Stressed Out and Soap." I responded.

"Okay sounds good." Calum said. "Now let me hear you sing"

"Okay but let me know if I do bad." I said.

"I feel it coming out my throat,guess I better wash my mouth out with soap,God I wish I never spoke,guess I better wash my mouth out with soap." I sang.

"How was that?" I asked.

"That was absolutely beautiful! You have an amazing voice!" Calum exclaimed.

"Thank you." I smiled.

"We are definitely doing that song." Calum said.

Then he got a text.

"Do you mind if the guys come over later? Ash is going to be here." Calum asked.

"Um yeah I guess." I responded. "Your house your rules."

"Okay great." Calum said. "Go shower so you can be refreshed."

I headed back to the room I was staying in.

I stripped from my clothes. I headed into the bathroom.

I let the warm water flow down my body.

After I finished,I dried myself.

I changed into black skinny jeans,a Twenty One Pilots shirt,black combat boots,and Calum forgot to pack me a flannel. Great.

I went into his room.

"Hey Cal?" I said.

"Yeah?" Calum said.

"You didn't pack me a flannel. Can I borrow one of yours?" I asked.

"Yeah sure." He said handing me a red and dark blue flannel.

"Thanks." I said and slipped it on.

I decided to get some water from the kitchen.

After drinking a glass of water,the door bell rang.

Without asking who it was,I opened the door.

Standing in front of me,was Luke Hemmings,Michael Clifford,and my brother.

"Hey sis." Ash said.

"Hey." I said.

"Isn't that flannel too big on you?" Ashton asked.

"Yeah. It's Calum's." I responded.

Luke's POV

"Yeah. It's Calum's." JayCee responded.

All of a sudden,jealousy came.

Why was she her? Why is she wearing Calum's flannel? Where is Calum?

All those questions ran through my head.

"Hey ugly,what are you doing here?" I said coldly.

She just stood there.

She ran upstairs.

Why is she so beautiful?

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