Outcast |L•H|

"Why would someone like you,like someone like me?"

"Because you're beautiful."

"I'm just an outcast"


5. 4

JayCee's POV

"Calum,you don't know how broken I really am." I say.

"Actually, I do know." Calum says. "Ash tells me and the guys everything. He said that your parents like him better than you. That your parents abuse you."

"Ash swore he wouldn't tell." I say.

"He only told us because he cares about you." Calum says.

I stay silent.

"JayCee,it may seem like me,Michael and Luke don't care about you,but we do." Calum says.

"It doesn't seem like Luke does. He just makes it worse." I say.

"He does it for a reason." Calum says.

"Yeah because I'm ugly and I don't deserve to live." I say.

"JayCee,that's not true." Calum says.

"Yes it is Calum. I'm going back to school." I say and grab my back pack.

I open the door and head downstairs.

Calum chases after me.

"JayCee wait." Calum says.

I ignore him and keep heading down the stairs.

When I finally get down I hear the door open.

Calum's POV

I hear the door open.

I hide behind a wall and peek my head out.

It was JayCee's dad that came.

"JayCee Marie Irwin what are you doing home?" Her dad asks.

"A girl tripped me and my lunch spilled all over me at school so I came to clean up." JayCee says scared.

"That's a lie. You were skipping class weren't you!" Her dad yells.

"No it's not a lie!" JayCee says.

Her dad takes off his belt.

"Lift up your shirt" he says and JayCee does as she's told.

He starts whipping her with the belt in the stomach.

Then he starts whipping her in the legs and knees.

JayCee starts to go back until her back hits a wall.

He keeps on hitting her until she has blue and back mark and she bleeds.

Her dad puts his belt back on.

"Go back to school." Her dad says and she does as she's told.

I quickly run into JayCee's room and grab my back pack.

I start going in her closet and putting random clothes and undergarments in my backpack.

It's not weird I have a sister.

I close my backpack and take out a pen and a piece of paper.

I quickly write a not saying:

Ash, I kinda borrowed your sister. Ill explain later. -Cal

I put it in Ashton's room and go out his window.

I had jumped out and surprisingly,I landed on a bush.

"Calum! What are you doing in a bush!" JayCee says while helping me up.

"Well,I kinda took a whole bunch of your clothes,wrote a note to Ash,and jumped out of his window." I say.

"Why did you take my clothes?" JayCee asks.

"Because I'm not going to stand around watching my best friend getting hurt by her own father." I said pulling JayCee in my car.

"Where are we going?" JayCee asks.

"To my house. We are skipping school."

"Calum! I've never skipped school! And since your taking me away from my own house, where am I going to stay?" JayCee asks.

"Your staying with me. At my house." I say.

"What about your parents?" JayCee asks.

"I live by myself." I say.

"Okay fine but it's not my going to be my fault when my brother kills you because you captured me." JayCee says.

"Don't worry I'll explain to him later why I'm letting you stay at my house." I say.

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