Outcast |L•H|

"Why would someone like you,like someone like me?"

"Because you're beautiful."

"I'm just an outcast"


2. 1

JayCee's POV

I walked down the hallways of my school.

I was always invisible to everyone,except for my brother,Ashton.

Well I can't be invisible to him,since I actually live with him.

Ashton is always a good brother,always there for me. At least at home.

At school it's different. He ignores me,I ignore him.

That's how it's always been.

I wish it wasn't though.

You know how siblings always hang around each other at school and home? Well it's different for me.

I don't have the same classes as Ashton,since he's two years older than me.

But he does help me sometimes.

He's actually a good brother.


You know how every high school has that bad boy/fuck boy?

Well here,it's Luke Hemmings. Who used to be my best friend.

Now,for some reason,he bullies me.

I never knew why.

Luke is the type of guy who fucks a girl,breaks their heart,and leaves them.

He's know for taking most girls virginity.

But not mine.

I'm saving it for someone who actually likes me.

And actually notices me.

Another bad boy but not a fuck boy is Michael Clifford.

He never does his homework,or work at all.

He always gets detention and suspended.

He's dated girls,but not as many as Luke has.

Michael isn't that bad.

At least he doesn't have sex with girls then leaves them the same night as so I've heard.

Then there's Calum Hood.

He's actually really nice.

He isn't a fuck boy and not really a bad boy.

He's done bad things before,but not as bad as Luke and Michael.


Enough about them.

Now about me.

I'm JayCee Irwin.

I'm 18.

I dyed my hair light blue on the tips and the other half lilac purple. (Which is the top part).

I have brown eyes,and I'm kinda pale.

I,JayCee Irwin,am an outcast.

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