falling for him (harry styles)

Harry Styles is a hearthrob and a heartbreaker. Marissa is just an average girl. Harry is famous. Marissa isn't. When they meet everything changes.


2. meeting him

Marissa's POV 

On my way home from work today the strangest thing happened........ 

Some guy was being chased by a bunch of girls. I didn't know who it was at first until i saw him. He was the most handsome person ever. He looked so fimilar but i just couldn't put my finger on it. Then he came closer and i realized that it was Harry Styles.

As he was being chased by a mob of obnoxious fangirls he ran right into me. 

''really wtf you cant say sorry."

"sorry?" his deep accent said 

" you kinda just ran into me and the polite thing to do is say sorry"

" oh look im really sorry i wasnt paying attention and i ugh just hope its okay" he said worridely 

" look its fine im sorry that i snapped like that i know it must be hard for you to be famous but you might wanna go before those fangirls catch up to you." 

"I dont like the word famous and give me your phone" he said seriously

"what? why? no"

"i'm just gonna put my number in there so hurry up and give it to me" he said anxiously

"okay" I smiled and handed him the phone 

"text me bye love" he smirked 

That night i never texted him. It just felt weird like if i did text him then my life would change. I mean i must just be over thinking things like usual, but it seriously felt like my whole life was about to change. 

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