falling for him (harry styles)

Harry Styles is a hearthrob and a heartbreaker. Marissa is just an average girl. Harry is famous. Marissa isn't. When they meet everything changes.


3. its just a text

Marissa pov

I'm overthinking this stupid text thing. Just text him already 

To Hazzaissexy

Hey! love the contact name

from Hazzaissexy 

Hey love! why thank you its very accurate 

To Hazzaissexy

HaHa sureeeeeeee yep the sexiest of them all 

From Hazzaissexy

awwwwwww you think im sexy

To Hazzaissexy

learn sarcasm and i know your smirking right now I can feel it through the fun so stop 

from hazzaissexy

haha you caught me. come over. lets hang 

To hazzaissexy

ummm sure 

I don't know how to feel about this. I feel happy but at the same time i feel as if my life is gonna change and im scared 

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