falling for him (harry styles)

Harry Styles is a hearthrob and a heartbreaker. Marissa is just an average girl. Harry is famous. Marissa isn't. When they meet everything changes.


4. Hanging out

Marissa's pov

I finally get to Harry's flat or apartment or whtever the hell he calls it. I was too nervous for this. Its just that I have a strange feelng that this boy is going to be the death of me and I don't know if I can let that happen. There is a reason why I can't let people get close to me, but I dont like to tell anyone or talk about it in general. I always feel like someone will judge me and I mean why wouldn't they. I'm not in a very good situation with my life as it is and getting close to people is hard for me.

I sat in the car for about ten mintues thinking all about this before I actually went up to the apartment. Harry answered the door anxiously. He is so attractive but he screams trouble, and I usually wouldnt be caught dead with a guy like him but I guess everything is different. I mean i should learn how to trust people. That is the only way I can get better.

¨Would you like to come in?¨ asked Harry

¨Haha yea ¨ i said and blushed

¨so um what are we going to do?¨

¨We are goning to watch The Great Gatsby, love¨said Harry

¨yay i love gatsby¨

I started to blush like crazy when he called me love. Ive never had an attractive guy ever call me love before.

Harry immeditally turns around and says ¨tell me something about you... whats your story¨

¨Wow i've never had someone ask me what my story is before.¨

¨ well um i'm from Virginia. I really like reading and song qotes. I'm obsessed with the little things in life. I really like history, or just anything that has to do with the past in general. I'm a strange person.¨ i said blushing at the end 

¨well then why did you move to London?¨ Harry asked 

¨oh yea I just wanted to get away I guess¨

¨why?¨ he asked confused 

¨Yea I don't really want to talking about that¨

¨oh sorry let's just watch the movie¨ 

After the movie was finished I left but not before Harry stopped me and said i know your hiding something. Than I ran out of his flat. No one can know there is a reason why I left it was to get away. Move somewhere where no one knew about me or my past. I was supposed to leave that behind. Maybe is sould trust him. I mean my therapist always told me that I need to at least trust one person.

Maybe he will be the only person I let in.... Maybe




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