What's The Point?

A Poem


1. What's The Point?

If we live life to die

Then why does it even matter?

We are told that happiness is the goal in life.

But there is no eternal happiness.

People still leave.

Anger still happens.

Problems don't disappear.

They only get worse.


There is no way to stop it.

The threat of death is immanent.

You could die tomorrow.

What would your regrets be?

There would be so many in my case.

They say live for now.

But living for now is pointless. 

Now always ends.


There is no escape.

We can't get away from it.

There is really no point to living this life.

So why do we make such an effort out of it?

We put up such a struggle to save our own lives.

But we're about to die anyway.

So tell me.

What's the point?

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