Bring your love I can bring my shame

16 year old Lina Archibald is a social outcast. No one acknowledges her, let alone falls in love with her. That is until new student Brooklyn comes to her school and changes Lina's whole life. But is Mr. Right really who he says he is?


2. I'm not the only one.

I was still smiling, even after the drive home. I couldn't wait to tell my mom. That was, until I saw my fathers car in the drive way.

I parked my car and unlocked the door. The first thing that hit me was the noise. The screaming, door slamming, and crying.

"Mom?" I shouted, closing the door quietly.

"You don't get to tell me how to raise our children. You don't even bother to show up every once in a while!" She screamed.

"Well you obviously suck at raising them! Look at Becky! Did you know about her boyfriend? She's 15, Caroline. 15. And how about Cat? She's the school Whore," after his I could hear a pin drop. The slow intake of shocked breathe. The loudest thing was my book bag dropping.

"Lina?" My mom asked turning the corner and spotting me.

"Cat? Cat I didn't.." Father started, but didn't get the chance. Mom slapped him. Not a little, 'your annoying' slap. But a full slap. We were all were shocked, but she was furious.

"Don't you ever call my daughter that," she said. "Get out. And don't you ever come back." He looked pleadingly at me, but I ignored him. I stepped out of his way.

"I was just telling your mother what I heard.."

"From your step daughters? I wondered where they got that idea from, but obviously stupidity runs in the step family, huh dad?" I asked and as soon as he was out the door, I slammed it.

"Honey, I'm.." But I cut her off.

"I just want to take a shower," I said climbing up the stairs. When I was in the bathroom, I leaned against the door. Normally I would cry, but I had nothing in me. No tears, no feeling. My own father thought I was a whore. The only person who didn't was my mom. With the exception of the new kid. And maybe I was a whore. It was that realization that sent me over the edge. I got up, and checked the medicine cabinet, but I didn't find what I needed. I looked on the tub, and found it. A pink razor. The only thing that helped me. I needed something, anything to take away this feeling. To give me a pain I could do something about.

But my phone rang. I dropped the razor, and pulled it from my pocket. It was an unknown number. I numbly pressed answer, and pressed it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Lina? It's Brooklyn. I know it's to early for me to be calling, since we just met, but I need your help. I'm really, extremely, lost. And I need you," he said, pausing. After a few seconds of silence, I responded.

"I'll be right there," and I went to hang up, but he spoke again.

"Are you ok? I have no right to ask, but you sound... Different," he asked.

"Yeah. I'll be there," and I hung up.

I climbed down the stairs and opened the door before I could change my mind.

When I arrived at the school, I texted him I was there. And shortly after, I got out, taking my keys from the ignition.

"Lina. Thank you for coming," he said and I turned around as he was walking towards me.

"Yeah. Where do you have to go next?" I asked.

"To Starbucks," he said and I raised my eyebrows, smiling insight myself.

"Why?" I asked.

"Your pretty when you smile. Your always pretty, but your happier looking when you smile," and I almost blushed. Almost. "Anyway, would you like to go with me to Starbucks? I was on my way there, and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me," He asked.

"Sure," I said without thinking. Then I frowned. I couldn't go. I would be grounded for skipping.

"Good. I'll drive," He said grabbing his keys, and I followed him.

When we got to his car, it was a BMW, which just confirmed that he was rich.

"Excuse the mess," He said, and of course, it was clean. The leather smelled new and oddly of pineapples.

"Do you know where your going?" I asked and he looked over at me with a smile.

"Trust me," he said, and I did. I really did.

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