Bring your love I can bring my shame

16 year old Lina Archibald is a social outcast. No one acknowledges her, let alone falls in love with her. That is until new student Brooklyn comes to her school and changes Lina's whole life. But is Mr. Right really who he says he is?


1. Anti-Social

"I think you dropped this," I heard. It was a boy my age. And there was no way he was talking to me. No one would talk to me.

"Um, do you not want it?" They asked again, and I looked up. It was a guy. He was cute. And he was talking to me.

"What?" I asked. He looked down at his hand holding my pencil.

"Oh. Yeah, thank you," I said grabbing it, accidentally brushing his hand. I was suprised he didn't flinch away like every one else. Instead, he just smiled. His accent was English, but controlled, almost as if he was born in Britain, but moved to America later.

"Your welcome," His brown hair falling in front of his face. It was in a Quiff, and his brown eyes were accented. He looked like a heart breaker. Someone who knew he captured a crowd. I smiled back, something I never did.

"I'm Brooklyn. I'm new here," and suddenly it all made sense. Of course he wasn't ashamed to touch me, he didn't know me. But I didn't know whether I should tell him my name and let him find out my reputation now, or wait a little. But if I waited, he would know what happened, and that I lied to him.

"Lina. And welcome," I said walking a way from him, but he grabbed my arm. Grabbed my scar. He looked down, clearly looking at it but he ignored it. But he didn't, however, ignore my flinch and he released my arm.

"I'm sorry I.." He started clearly worried, but I shook my head and faked a smile.

"Your fine. You just caught me by surprise," I said still smiling. And eventually, he fake smiled back at me.

"Can you show me around?" He obviously sensed my hesitation, because he added, "just to my first period class. I won't force you to help me anymore after that," he said in mock surrender.

"Uh, yeah. I have time," I said. In truth, I had nothing but time. I don't have to be in class until 9th, 10th, and 11th period. I was partially home schooled, except for family consumer science, fashion, and gym.

"Thank you. Your a life saver," He said and his accent really popped this time. Like he was normally trying to hide it.

"Yeah," I said in a awkward laugh.

"I have..." He pulled out his schedule and squinted at it. "Biology."

"Oh. I don't really know how where that is. I'm only here for FCS, Fashion, and gym."

"Aw that's a shame. I don't have FCS till 9th, and gym at," he glanced at his schedule again. "11th period," an exact replica to mine.

"Me too. I have those last also," I said pushing the hair behind my ear. It was a nervous habit of mine.

"So then what are you doing here now? I'd still be asleep if I had that," he said with a smile. One that light up the room.

"I have to pick up my assignments from the office for my mom to teach me," I said and he nodded.

"Homeschooled. Lucky," He smiled.

"If you had my mom, you'd disagree," I said. I haven't told a joke since... Before the thing that ruined my life. And the weirdest part? He laughed. A real laugh. Not awkward, but real.

"I feel you. My dads like that," he said, checking his watch. And it wasn't a cheep one either. A real, expensive watch. He must have had money and lots of it.

"I should probably get going, my mom will freak if I'm late to home schooling," I said with a laugh, walking away.

"Wait. How can I reach you?" He asked. I was going to say it wasn't a good idea to talk to me, but I couldn't. He's eyes melted me. It wasn't something I'd ever experienced before.

"Do you have your phone on you?" He raised his eyebrows but handed me his iPhone. I gave it back to him to put his thumb print in, and he gave it back. After my number was under his phone, I warn to leave.

"Nice to meet you, Lina," He said smiling.

"You too, Brooklyn," I said, smiling as well.

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