Hazel isn't the type to look into guys.
She never fell in love, He never fell in love.
But as the new kid JB comes around will
she be stuck in denial that shes fell hard for him
or will she break free and spill her heart out?


1. HIM

As he pulled me by my arm i tried to scream but i couldn't. All i could think about was trying to get loose.

"Get off me!" i managed to say through my heavy breathing.

"Never." His dark voice cracked. 

I can't die this way, i can't!

"HELP!"i screamed. Everything went quiet and then a soft voice cam to speak out of no where.

"Hazel..wake up...wake up"

"who are you?!?" i demanded to know.

"WAKE UP!!" the voice deepened sending my brain into fear mode.



"AHHHHH!" i screamed still wiggling around my bed.

"wake up hazel! YOU GOT SCHOOL" my sister, Jade shouted at me trying to calm me down.

I opened my eyes and noticed i was just having another one of my crazy dreams. Family problems.

"Oh well...get out!" i demanded back as she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Today is the first day of my last high school year. 

Finally then no more school! Until i get a job and then college. 

uh life is so hard! I got out of my thoughts as i made my way to my bathroom.

i started to do my hair. My hair was long,wavy and light brown. I just brushed it and let it hang low.

I brushed my teeth then applied a little bit of makeup followed by lip gloss and then going into my closet to pick out clothes. I put on my white tank top with a black cardigan and my black high waisted jeans with my convers.

I looked pretty decent. I grabbed my bag and left my room to down stairs.

"are you ready hun?" my mother asked

"yeah so imma head out now" 

"alright bye!" she called to me 

i left and walked down my street. My boyfriends house was just right around the corner.

I know it seems weird that he should be the one waiting at my door but in this case i am.

I finally reached his house and surprisingly he was waiting outside.

"Hi baby" he smirked as he put his arm around me as we started walking.

"Hey babe" i smiled

"you ready for school again?"

"No i hate it" i groaned

"why baby i'm here" he laughed

"But babe i hate all the bullshit teachers" i giggled

"Yup that's the girl i know" he chuckled

We arrived at the school.


Me and Daniel separated to our classes.

i walked to my first period class which is science.

I walked into the class and everyone was chatting with their friends from the year before.

I sat next to an empty seat in the far back of the class. I didn't recognize the girl next to me until she turned around.

"Hazel!" Sierra aka my best friend screamed.

"omg you look different!" i said as i examined her now dyed hair and nose piercing.

"someone went all out.." i laughed sarcastically. 

"oh shut up, i'm a new person" she winked.

"sure.." i smiled as i turned around.

The class started and Ms. Medina started to call out attendance.

"Oh class did i mention we have a new student? He's a transfer and his name is Justin, Justin Bieber. I'm sure he will be arriving soon.." She smiled as she did some work on her computer.

"Ooh, maybe this 'justin bieber'  is cute" Sierra whispered while she raised her eyebrows.

"of course" i smiled

She would, she goes by looks. But for me i go by personality and if they cute too then lucky me!

I snapped out of my thoughts when i saw the most gorgeous pair of honey brown eyes.

Not to mention his perfectly flipped up light brown hair followed by his perfect face and jaw structure.

He must've seen me stare cause he caught my gaze and winked.

I immediately took my eyes off him while i blushed looking like a tomato!

Great going, Hazel.

" Mr Bieber you can sit next to Hazel right over there" Ms Medina pointed to the seat next to me.

Holy shit he's walking over here.

Holy shit he's gorgeous up close.

Holy shit i'm staring. Stop it Hazel.

"Hey" he smirked as he faced me. 

"H-hi" i blushed while probably smiling like a fool.


End of class


I walked down the hallway, opening up my locker and grabbed my history books.

I closed my locker but then jumping a bit from seeing Justin standing in front of me unexpectedly.

"Oh hey" i smiled

:Hey, since i'm new here do you mind showing me around, shawty?" He bit his lip waiting for me to reply.

"No problem" i managed to say while my stomach was filled with BILLIONS of butterflies.

We walked down the hallways.

"So, your names Hazel" He asked while he tucked his hands in his front pockets just letting his thumbs hang out.

"Yeah, and your Justin" 

"The one and only" he chuckled which made me laugh at his cuteness. 

:So what brings you to this school?"

"My bad behavior"

"what!?" i stopped walking and looked at him.

"I got kicked out" he laughed at my reaction

"Why" i asked curiously waiting to know.

"It's cause-"

He was cut off by one of the teachers yelling at us to get our asses to class.

"First day and you both not starting off well!" Mr Gus yelled

"Ah who gives a shit" Justin called back.

My eyes widen. Was this boy crazy?!?!? Talking to a teacher like that!?

"Justin what the hell!" I nearly shoved him.

"What? He's starting to piss me off" He shrugged like it was nothing.

" Hazel! And whoever that boy is, get in my office right now!" Mr Gus demanded clearly irritated. 

Great now i have to deal with this fat son of a bitch.

Me and Justin turned around and walked to his office.

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again!" Gus yelled at Justin.

"What's your name boy? You new here or what?!?" Mr Gus nearly exploded

"The names Justin" Justin smirked carelessly.

"Ooh you asked for it, both of you got detention after school!"
"What! NO!" I argued


Seriously he was about to explode into mini pieces of anger. I Could feel it.

Me and Justin left the office and walked to our last period class.

"Really, Justin" I sighed

"Now you know why i was kicked out the other school" He laughed

"That's not funny" i giggled which let my guard down.

"Mhm" He smirked.


Authors note//

hope you guys are enjoying so far! Don't worry things will get heated and interesting very soon! Next chapter will be up soon. Help me out by giving me feedback in the comments please and thank you.




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