The Virginity Game

Vienna Samarshall is looking to loose her virginity this summer. With the influence of friends with already popped cherries except for her, the only problem she had was who could she pick?

Well the only person she new could loose her virginity to who she trusted dearly was her best friend Justin Bieber. But what happen's when feelings get the best of them when they promised for no strings attached?



1. chapter one

I looked in the bathroom mirror of my household, sighing at the fact that it was another day of school, to be even more embarrassed at the fact i'm still a fucking virgin. I am 18, and before the summer, my goal is to pop my un popped cherry.

All of my friends have lost it, and to be honest, to be the only virgin literally ruins my reputation day by day, slowly. Nobody hardly even talks to me anymore because they found out I haven't lost it, except for my best-friend Amber, but she fucking lost it too!

I don't even care about the pain when having sex, I just want to enjoy it and literally just live my life knowing I have had a dick in me before. Probably them people could except me for who I am.

But who could I lose it too?! All the boys at my school were obviously two-timing players who fucked anything in their sight, and everyone else who wasn't a player was either not so good looking, a nerd or just annoying. I wanted somebody I could trust and depend on not to be too rough with me, unlike the jocks.

Opening the cabinet of the bathroom, I grabbed my toothbrush and began to brush my teeth roughly, as I left it inside my mouth to tie my hair up in a high ponytail. My blonde hair with black roots were becoming nastier by the minute, bur I actually thought it looked nice. It was sort of my signature style, everyone knew me by my hair, they didn't have to call me Carrington from far, since they spotted my hair first.

Rising my mouth with some tap hair, I turned on the shower, stepping in and letting the hot water trickle down my 5'2 short body, sighing at the feeling of the steam making my hair softer. (Which it does)

I squirted some lemon scent soap into the palm of my hands, smelling the strong substance fill the room and started to scrub my skin with a scrubber, the lemon removing any sweat I may have produced from last night, sleeping.

Turning the water off after about 10 minutes, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, stepping out of the bath and pushing the curtain to the side. I didn't bother on washing my hair since I washed it last night before I went to bed.

A knock separated me from my thinking and I rolled my eyes, knowing it was my brother, Teddy, yes it's a weird as fuck name, ask my mother. "Carrington, hurry the hell up, its not just your bathroom." He muttered, possibly leaning on the door as I huffed and puffed, holding my towel securely over my breasts and body, opening the door as Teddy fell to the ground, due to him as I said, leaning on the door.

"Good morning to you too." He said, massaging his temple as I heard a crack in his voice, since puberty began to kick in a few months ago.

I had a older sister, Jamie, she was anywhere by now, doing drugs, god knows, and I was never that close with her. She was always so mean, and decided to runaway with her rockstar boyfriend my mom tells me, saying that she was crazy and deluded and she kicked her out.

I have another older one, Cassidy, a neat, smart as hell one who only goes out to the book store and school appliances store to buy things for her education. She doesn't party, have any sex, or has ever had a boyfriend. Its sad, really. The only friend she has is Zoe, her nerd inseparable beat friend.

Then, theres Teddy, an hormonal 16 year old who totally gives no fucks about me and storms into my room whenever he likes and complains and criticises everything I do or talk about.

Last but not least, there is my little sister, Poppy. She was 2. My mom had 5 kids and to be honest Dad's pull out game was weak as fuck.

Walking into my bedroom, white themed with portraits of Chris Brown all over the walls, I began to change into my ugly school uniform. Senior's had to wear them so the staff could tell us apart from everyone else. It was simply just black trousers, a black and white blazer which said senior on the back and your name at the front, with a white top underneath with black shoes. I just wore my black air force with it. I was always that stylish type of girl.

I grabbed my black backpack and attached it to my shoulders and sat down at my mirror table and added some foundation to my face, concealing any spots and blemishes, under my eyes, on my cheeks, and chin. Deciding that my eyebrows needing doing, I then began to fill them in with my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow tint in chocolate, then concealed on top and under my brows, highlighting the front and winging liquid eyeliner to my grey eyes.

"All better." I sighed. Nobody was awake but me and Teddy on these days so I decided to skip breakfast and walk to school. I said bye to Teddy over text and told him to tell Mom, Dad and Cassidy to have a good day which he will probably forget to do.

Arriving at school I inhaled some of the regular air and walked up to the front doors. Some guys winked and whistled and I ignored them, the urge to find Amber creeping up on me. "Were are you Amber?" I whispered, kids walking up and down the halls of the school.

I walked to my locker, opening it to collect my books and black binder, some papers falling put as I bent down to pick them up, my hands touching a delicate one and I looked up to be met with eyes I had never encountered before. "You are?" I bluntly asked.

"Nice to meet you too. I'm Justin." He says, putting out his hand but I just looked at it, furrowing my eyebrows as he put it back in his pocket. "Are you new here?" I ask, folding my arms, waiting for an response. "No, I've been here for years, we just haven't met. You have never noticed me." He says, itching the back of his head as I sighed.

"Oh, i'm sorry. I'm Carrington. I'm not really a happy bunny in the mornings at all, so excuse my rudeness." I responded, trying everything to move my lips into a smile.

"Oh, I see. We'll see you around." He says smiling. I liked his smile, and he was incredibly hot. Looking like a hot greek god.

Suddenly, a idea popped in my head. It was ridiculous but it could be my only hope. "J-Justin! Wait up!" I called and he stopped, turning around as I ran up to him, grabbing his hand and shoving him in the janitors closet.

"Can you have sex with me?" I asked, his eyes widening as he fiddled with his fingers. "Are you serious? We just met?!" He screamed. If this wasn't going to work I needed to use my seductive skills that I practised with Amber.

I walked up to him slowly, my finger tracing his name on his blazer, feeling his member through his pants, locking the door and pushing him against the wall. "Comon' Justin. Your a horny teenager. Give me what I want, and I'll leave you alone, if that's what you want." I seductively said, his hot breath from his lips on my mouth as I whispered hot things in his ear, his dick in his pants growing at the feeling of me massaging him, and then muttering dirty things to him.

He attached his hands to my hips, me taking his answer as a yes I quickly attached my lips to his roughly, I had kissed a guy before, so I bit his lips and added some tongue, deepening the kiss more and more, taking off my blazer and throwing it across the room. "Are you a virgin?" He asks in the kiss and I nodd, he stops us. "What?" I ask. He was such a good kisser and I wanted to feel his lips again.

"But i'm not." He says, smirking.

"I don't fucking care just kiss me and ram your dick inside of me when you take it out!" I said, reattaching my pink swollen lips to his, adding deep tongue in it, as he took off his clothes, shirtless in his boxers as I was still in my vest and knickers.

"Take of your clothes, now." He says demandingly, slapping my ass quickly and I kissed him again, the feeling of his lips wrapped around my top lip making me feel sparks in my tummy. I never once took his lips off mine as he raised my arms for me take of my vest, my chest now revealable to his hungry eyes as He unclasped my bra in a swift movement, and I took my panties off quickly, throwing them anywhere. The only thing I had on was my air forces, while Justin was bare foot.

The bell rang, the laughter and sound of kids walking by as I giggled, Justin taking off his boxers as he grabbed my hand, taking me further down the janitors closet to another door. "Shit, I didn't know there was another door here." I said, Justin smiling at me and making out with me again and picking me up by the hips and holding underneath my legs as I wrapped my arms around his neck to snog him. "Were crazy. We literally just met." He said.

"Well, being crazy is at least being different." I whispered on his lips as he opens the door, still holding me with his other arm, locking the door and before placing me on the brown desk on my back, he pushed all the papers off the side of the table.

It was a small room with blue painted walls with a desk and chair, and I sighed, my time finally coming. I was officially going to lose my v-card. Justin was placed in between my legs as he pushed my legs open wider, the edges of my thighs feeling like they were going to separate and dislocate.

"You ready baby? I'm going to eat you out first." He says, quickly attaching his lips to my bare pussy, the feeling making me lift my back, moaning loudly. "Oh Justin!" I screamed and he slapped his hand over my mouth roughly. He sucked on my clit, flicking his tongue up and down it as I moaned in pleasure, my hand trembling as it eventually caught the back of his head.

I pushed his head down more into my pussy as he tongue fucked my roughly. "Fuck, Justin." He says, his lips sucking up and down the base of my vagina. "Oh yeah baby, you like that?" He says, squeezing my ass and breasts.

Suddenly, I became hotter and hotter. I felt like I was going to piss all over Justin's face as a feeling I have never felt in my entire life rising from my toes. "Justin what's happening?! I'm feeling weird, am I-"

"It's called cum baby, cum all over my face." He says and that took me in. I release a substance into his mouth and he licks every inch up in me.

He then kisses my lips and the taste of my pussy makes me cringe but I just shrug it off. We breathe heavily coming down from our high as he looks at me up and down. "Do you still want this baby?" He says, and I nodd, a little scared at the fact that, this is it. The moment I've been waiting for, finally happening.

"Yes Justin." I say, and he slowly puts his dick in my hole. I wince at the tingle of pain as Justin fills me all up, his dick bigger for my vagina than I expected. He kissed me so I was focusing more on the kiss then the bearable pain.

Moving in and out slowly, he whispered things in my ear. "Your so hot baby, fuck my cock nice and hard."

"Fuck, yes Carrington, that's it, fuck that dick baby."

He starts to slap my ass as the pain goes away and I'm moaning, we missed probably a lesson now but I didn't care. "Don't stop Justin, don't fucking stop, give it to me, rough and hard now!" I say, sitting up and meeting his fast thrusts of his hardened dick in my tight pussy.

"Fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" I screamed, holding my left breasts as I flipped up over and he took hold of my wasit. I tied up my hair in a messy bun and rode his dick. I felt blood release from my whole but I kept riding. My cherry was popped and I wanted to celebrate on his dick.

"Carrington, slow down-" But I didn't I didn't want to. I thrusted hard and rough, quickly enough as I cummed again, my screams leaving my mouth as I made out with Justin, still riding him as he let go of my lips and lowly moaned. "What about the condom?" He asked and I shook my head. "Don't worry, i'm on the pill, now fuck me!" I continued to thrust.

"Carrington, stop, I said slow down I'm going to-" and Justin ejaculated his white substance into my vagina, the feeling of his warm sperm in my pussy made me ride him in one more thrust, the sound of our substances mixing together making that particular sound.

"That was so-" i said, but was cutt of by him. "Good." He winked. I got off him giving him one last kiss and ran out the room, grabbing my clothes and his, giving it to him once he came over to me. "Thanks Justin for taking my virginity. That was the best school day of my life." I replied, my vagina a little sore but I could care less.

"Your welcome. So... When can we do this again?" He asks and I freeze, furrowing my eyebrows. "Again? You liked it that much?" I giggled, kissing him, giving him a small peck after and patting his shoulder.

"I mean yeah, you were amazing. We can do it again, right?" He asked, and I nervously bit on the inside of my mouth. "Justin, I only wanted a decent fuck with someone cause I wanted to lose my virginity quick and fast. I never wanted to earn a fuckbuddy." I said, grabbing my bag and washing my hands in the janitors sink, as he did so after.

"We'll thanks dude. You were great. You fuck really nicely and I love your kisses. See yah." I said, throwing up the peace sign and opening the door to the empty hallway as he pulled my arm in a quick movement, locking the door. "Please, Carrington. We can just fuck when we feel like it, I guess. It's senior year. I'm bored, your bored, and I want to fuck you endlessly cause you were fucking amazing. Now do we have a deal?" He asked, holding out his hand.

I thought about it for a moment. I think that it would be cool to call Justin I mean, not only is he incredibly good looking, but be is my first fuck and he was good.

"Fine, but no strings attached. No feelings. We can date whoever we want outside of this little, thing we have here." I say, shaking his hand as he pecked my lips but I depended it, I just loved his lips.

"Round two?" I asked, biting my upper lip.

"Why did we even put our clothes back on baby?" He said, taking off his uniform again and he pushed me to the wall, undressing me aggressively as I leaned back and took in the pleasure I was given today.


Author's Note:

Thank you for reading guys. I hope you like my book. I literally joined this app today and I thought it was pretty cool and thought, why not add some smut? I love Justin Bieber with all my fucking heart, and I fantasise about fucking him so I hope you continue reading and vote somehow, I don't know how you do, though.

Wattpad : ohmyarianaa

Twitter: @thenamesalexia_

Kik: ohmyarianaaa

Love you guys for reading!

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