My One Direction Meet And Greet

I thought I would post about my One Direction Meet and Greet. Even though it is under the category of "Fanfiction" it is 100% completely real

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4. Part 4

When I turned the corner though my friend and I literally grabbed each other so tight, almost fell down and almost started to cry. We were standing in a room with One Direction, with them only being a few feet away from us. I was even happier though when I saw that Harry and Niall were next to each other. Anyways they were taking the pictures in groups. Those groups being the people that were with you for the Meet and Greet. However right before you would get your pic taken they would ask you if you were by yourself. So my friend and I decided to say that. So when I was next in line I was asked if my friend and I were together and I said no. So as a result we each got our own pics. When it was finally my turn I went up to Harry and hugged him. He smelled really good and I was so happy to finally be able to hug him. He also called me "love". I then made my way down the line. So it was Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis. Niall also smelled really good and his hugs are amazing. Liam and Louis also smelled good too and their hugs were amazing too! They were all taller then I had expected though. Luckily I was wearing shoes will a heel though. I basically thanked them for existing because I wouldn't have the friends that I have today because I met them all through them. Like I met one at the This Is Us Movie. Another I met through a cousin with a love for them. Another I met at school who heard me talk about them. Anyways they were like "no problem" and "I love how fans can become friends". Anyways when I had finished by hug with Louis because he was last "Bob" said it was time for the picture and I could see out of the corner of my eye that Harry had scooter next to Niall more because I was by Louis, so he probably thought that was where I was going to stay for the picture. But I quickly moved towards Harry and Niall and Harry had to move in the opposite direction he previously moved in to make room for me. So when I got between Harry and Niall "Bob" said my name, so then Harry said my name. In which I almost fainted. And then it was either Liam or Louis who kind of 'sang' my name. I couldn't tell because it felt too much like a dream. Anyways he took the picture and I hugged them one last time and I existed the room. 

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