My One Direction Meet And Greet

I thought I would post about my One Direction Meet and Greet. Even though it is under the category of "Fanfiction" it is 100% completely real

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3. Part 3

Once we got in the elevator we went down to the underground parking area where the football players would park their cars. My family use to rent out a loge at the stadium and we always used to park in that area so when I got out of the elevators I knew where we were. Once we got out we walked about the distance of the length of 3 school buses. On the way to our next location, Josh walked by my friend and I and we said hi to him and he said hi back. Once we got to our location we were told the basic rules like there was no recording or taking pictures on our phones. Not autographs or selfies. We were also told that we should put our phones away because if we had them out there would be a chance that we would be asked to leave. So I turned my phone off and all that and just waited against the wall like everyone else. While waiting Josh walked by again and we exchanged hellos again. About 10-15 minutes later Josh, Dan and Sandy walked by, and my friend and I said hi, and they all said hi back to us. Then about another 10 minutes later Icona Pop walked by. When they walked by one of them said "Follow us on twitter and instagram". In return I said "I already follow you guys on both" and then one of them said "You rock". So I basically had a conversation with One Direction's band and Icona Pop within 20 minutes. So after an even longer time of waiting I asked a security person next to me what time it was and it was like 8:27 and no one had gone in. Except for people who were with Make A Wish. Anyways I already knew then that the Meet and Greet was probably going to be rushed and that the concert would obviously start a little later. So 5 minutes later I saw that people started to move in to the room where we were going to meet them, and that's when I started to get even more nervous. I was hoping that Niall and Harry were going to be next to each other because they are my favorites and I knew that they weren't always next to each other from looking at other Meet and Greet pics from previous concerts.

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