My One Direction Meet And Greet

I thought I would post about my One Direction Meet and Greet. Even though it is under the category of "Fanfiction" it is 100% completely real

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2. Part 2

So the day of the meet and greet we had to meet someone from Sony. For the purposes of this experience though I'm going to call him "Bob". It is not his really name, I just don't want to use his actual name though. Anyways, so we met "Bob" at our location and we hung out in that area for awhile which was like right near where people were walking in. Some people had some suspicions and tried to ask if they could meet the boys too but they were turned away. Once everyone arrived at the location, which was about 16 people (I think), we got into the groups of who we came with and one by one he came around and explained what was going to happen and gave us a pass (which will be posted here or on the side).


After about 15 minutes we walked to a different area, where we had to wait another 15 minutes. During that time we could hear Icona Pop performing and we were also allowed to use the bathroom and all. So I used the bathroom and then some of the other people I met in our group and my friend and I started to jam out to 'I Love It'. After 15 minutes was up we were split into 2 groups and we were taken to the elevators where we went down in those 2 groups. 

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