My One Direction Meet And Greet

I thought I would post about my One Direction Meet and Greet. Even though it is under the category of "Fanfiction" it is 100% completely real

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1. Part 1

So I was visiting my grandma in Connecticut when one of my friends texted me asking if she told me something that I would promise to keep it a secret and that I would take her with me, So I said yes. She then texted me a link that brought me to a site where they were giving away One Direction Meet And Greets for their show in Cleveland, Ohio on August 27, 2015. It was a different type of contest though. You had to bid on it and the winning bid amount would go to a charity. I wasn't Make a Wish, but it was another charity that helped grant wishes to kids. Anyways when I placed my first bid it was on Friday August 14. Anyways the bidding ended on August 16 at midnight, so basically August 17. Anyways skipping to the last hour of the bidding, it was 30 minutes before the bidding ended and someone else bidded, however I am like an ebay master so I did what I did best and I ended up winning the big. And no I will not say how much it was. Anyways after I won I texted my friend saying that we didn't win. I just wanted to trick her. Trust me she was upset. But when I told her that really were meeting them, she flipped out. 

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