My One Direction Meet And Greet

I thought I would post about my One Direction Meet and Greet. Even though it is under the category of "Fanfiction" it is 100% completely real

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5. My Pictures and Final Thoughts


Honestly I can't believe I was actually able to meet them. I never thought I ever would, and I'm truly thankful for the wonderful opportunity that I was given to actually able to do. I can now say "I met One Direction". For those people who say "I'll never meet them", I know this is going to sound annoying and stupid but honestly don't give up and don't loose hope. I lost about 95% of my hope that I would ever be able to meet them and I have wanted to meet them since their very first tour. However I still held onto that 5% of hope and look where it got me. So don't give up just have some faith and hope within you that you will meet them some day :)


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