The story of my non-tragic and completely trivial life problems of being misunderstood.


2. Not-Starving Artist

One step forward, two steps back

Yeah, there's something messed up about that thingy, isn't there? I might have messed it up. Let's try it the other way around.

Two steps forward, one step back

Well, that seems right, doesn't it? Yeah. But, it doesn't really fit in my situation. I'd be better suited off with the first version. Oh well, either way we're off topic.

My non-starving artist status is what I'm gonna be telling you about in this lovely chapter. It's one of the big deals on my life. Pretty pathetic, right? At least that's what people tell me.

I've been drawing since I was 13-14 so it's been quite a while now since I started, yet I'm still not awesome at it. I don't expect to ever just be amazing, but I think I could do a lot better if my family supported me and didn't just drag me through the mud about what I choose to do with my life.

((I'm not yet married, or moved out of my house. I'm not ready to be married, in my opinion, and I don't even have a boyfriend yet, so that's not even important.))

Either way, it's pretty obvious that my dad supports me financially. Yep, pretty cool, right? It'd be nice if he supported what I did with that support. Well, he's actually a neutral party. He doesn't really care about my art, so long as I have something to keep me out of trouble, he's okay with it.

Nobody gets what I do. None of my friends really share my passion for drawing and/or writing, so I don't really have anyone to talk to about it.

My poor mother then has to take the brunt of my squealing and excitement over my fandoms, drawings, and assorted other things. Yayyy! She's not too excited about it and always hopes that I'll get over the "phase" quickly.

I'm currently into Homestuck, or MSPaintAdventures as it's also known. Goodness, the amount of horns, and blood colors, funny memes and scary art I have thrown at my poor mom in the last several months. It's almost scary.

I even wore troll nails on Halloween and almost scared her to death by tickling the back of her neck with them. She's pretty close to the end of her rope, so I'm gonna back off a little now.

Now that it seems I'm no longer in the mood to rant, I'll do what I always do with my diary and... FANGIRL!!!

Run while you can.

I am currently writing fanfiction!! Yes, all of the fanfictions. Not actually all of them, but quite a few. I've got several unfinished ones ((I'll get them eventually)), but at the moment I'm working on a really exciting Aquariumstuck!!

Yeah, because mertrolls are awesome. And CroKri is perfection. ♥️♥️♥️ ship ship ship.

I love writing, as you might be able to tell from how I'm going on and on, but I REALLY like to write. I've got almost a quarter-million words in published works. ((Inwardly fistpumps)) super exciting!

Also, I've been working out my art style with some random Homestuck fanart. I drew a Mituna, Kankri, and Signless, then also a nagastuck CroKri. :3 CroKri is my OTP.

I think KarEzi might be my NOTP, or maybe GamRezi? Dunno, but either way, I'm not too fond of Terezi with either of them.

And I am very effectively ruining any chances I have of winning the diary contest because I'm gonna scare everybody away with my fangirling . Sorry, not sorry. :3

For now I think I'm right properly done with this entry and I can't wait for the next one!

Goodbye everybody.

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