The story of my non-tragic and completely trivial life problems of being misunderstood.


1. Intro

I wouldn't say my life is perfect, but I'd definitely say that it's good.

The first thing that really comes to mind for me when writing a diary, is letting out all of the bad things inside of me and transferring them onto a blank page. I feel kind of like, if I can write them out of my heart, then I won't have to deal with them for all of my life.

Believe it or not, I write a lot. What does that say for the state of my self? To have all of those bad things inside that I want to write out? I'd say that it wasn't great.

But, I get by. Life isn't so difficult as most people make it seem. It's actually quite okay.

Oh. I'm sorry, were you wanting some heart-breaking story about my tragic and overly-dramatized life? Sorry, you're going to have to move on.

My problems are trivial at least and personally scarring at most, but that's not really important. Because this is something that I plan to do so I can let out my rants and such about the one big problem in my life.... Being misunderstood.

Yes, that's why the title of this diary is MissUnderstood, because this is my story about being 'misunderstood' I'm making a joke.

Yep, misunderstood. That's one of the main things that I struggle with in life. But, I will tell you more in the next chapter, because this is just an into, not an actual chapter.

Also, I'll get off topic a lot, sorry, I just love to write.

Farewell to anyone who's reading this


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