Save Me?

"Please stop doing this to yourself Ash it hurts me to see you do this to yourself. It hurts because I... I love you." "How can anyone love me I'm broken and shattered my own father thought I was a waste so be left said I was my moms problem." I told her my whole life story that night. Characters: Ashton Mallory Hailey Becca Maddy Lucy Layla Lexy Hayden Calum Mikey Shaley Sydney Charlotte Lindsey Halley


3. She's Kinda Hot

So when I got home it was dinner time. At dinner we just talked about our day. "Mom I met a girl today" I said. "What's her name hunny" "Charlotte". "Hunny that's a beautiful name do you have a picture of her I want to see" "No mom" so about an hour later I had told her everything I know about her. She told me to go for it ask her out she told me to be happy.

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