Save Me?

"Please stop doing this to yourself Ash it hurts me to see you do this to yourself. It hurts because I... I love you." "How can anyone love me I'm broken and shattered my own father thought I was a waste so be left said I was my moms problem." I told her my whole life story that night. Characters: Ashton Mallory Hailey Becca Maddy Lucy Layla Lexy Hayden Calum Mikey Shaley Sydney Charlotte Lindsey Halley


1. My Story

Dear Diary,

Hi my name is Ashton Irwin I'm 17, I just moved to NYC with my mom and five sisters, yes five sisters, Mallory 15, Hailey 12, Becca 11, Maddy 19, and Lucy 5. When I moved here I had to break up with my girlfriend Shaley it was the worst day of my life but not hers apparently she was cheating on me with one of my best mates Michel. My mom says I have to start school on Monday but I've been bullied and stuff etc. Last year I even tried to kill myself because it was to much to deal with I was in the hospital for almost a month. So now I'm afraid to go to school, I'm afraid to look at my wrist I have to wear long sleeves to cover all 12 scars on each wrist.

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