Dont Be Late

It's about 2 girls and their finances Luke , & Ashton . Figure out that there ex finances left them and got murdered by Michel & Calum . Their ex's .
Rosie: 21
Ashton :28
Thank u hope u enjoy .��❤️❤️❤️��✌��️����


2. vacation time

Luke's p.o.v

"Hurry pronto it's an emergency ."I screamed into the phone like I was giving birth." said Luke." Omg chill I'm in chemistry ur just gonna have to wait 5 minutes ."said Rosie even though she hates chemistry because that's were she met her first love Michel blah😖."when I got to the airport my jaw dropped I couldn't believe my eyes Luke was standing there with a teddy bear & a bouquet of roses."said Rosie ."Rosie the reason why we're going to Hawaii is uh....for an late birthday present sorry babe ."Luke told Rosie ."I didn't want to tell him i didn't really care why we were going, but I just thank u about a million times."replied Rosie ."well she didn't caught on to my evil plan so yeah I just got to get her to believe my story"(Rosie) mm what did u say honey (Luke )uh nothing just thinking oh look were about to take off😬😅."

Nicole's p.o.v

(She's on the phone with Ashton )"babe is Luke and Rosie with u because Rosie isn't answering her phone."(Ashton )"no I thought they were with u because Luke's not answering his phone either."(Nicole )"Crap ,were are they I'm really worried now this is wait omg are they dead."(Ashton )"no think positive wait u should check around her dorm to see if she left any notes."when Nicole gets into the dorm she starts looking then finally she finds a note from like saying they went Hawaii .(Nicole )"Ashton I them right now they went to Hawaii God dammit they didn't even take me with them .(Ashton )"I know Rosie just called me saying sorry for not telling u."(Nicole )"Ashton what if I ........."

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