Dont Be Late

It's about 2 girls and their finances Luke , & Ashton . Figure out that there ex finances left them and got murdered by Michel & Calum . Their ex's .
Rosie: 21
Ashton :28
Thank u hope u enjoy .��❤️❤️❤️��✌��️����


1. somewhere

I miss those pink plush lips. Her long blonde hair those blue eyes comfort me to calm down when I'm angry I miss her so much her strawberry scent . "Babe don't cry I know how u miss her "."Don't leave u remind of her both goddesses the ones who actually care and the ones who will nude wrestle with me under the blankets with no regrets 😅."

Rosie (p.o.v)

"Hey Nicole",Luke is really beating him self up I'm worried about him he thinks it's his fault ." Rosie don't worry Ashton's doing the same thing there missing their dead fiancées ."Nicole their not actually dead they just left them for golden yachts ",yeah see u third period Nicole even though I hate chemistry".As Rosie walks down the hall she spots Michel her ex and Calum her other ex but know she's over them she's with Luke . " hi Michel & Calum ". They ignore her with the regret of letting her go.


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