Dont Be Late

It's about 2 girls and their finances Luke , & Ashton . Figure out that there ex finances left them and got murdered by Michel & Calum . Their ex's .
Rosie: 21
Ashton :28
Thank u hope u enjoy .��❤️❤️❤️��✌��️����


3. mystery girl

When Rosie and Luke reached Hawaii they went to a hotel and booked the master sweet.when took there bags up they headed to the cafe and they met a girl called Roselyn love ."aloha I'm your waiter what would like to drink .""I would like a Pina colada please what would u like dear"said Rosie "just vodka for now that's all"replied Luke ."ok I'll be back with drinks you lovely couple"as she winks at Luke and then leaves .later that sunny day Luke and Rosie were sitting on the couch they got a not at the door Luke got up to answer there was standing Roselyn saying "come with me just u no one else got it😡."Luke asked"were are we going ."Roselyn said are going to come or not."Rosie babe I'm going to the farmers market and then the smoothie shop I'll get u something ok I'll be back"said Luke."ok babe call and tell me the what they have honey bunny".said Rosie ."Get on the train and take a left".

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