Bakery Boy || Harry Styles AU

Violet didn't have much to do when she moved to Holmes Chapel, so she decided to get a job at a bakery. Harry, a cute 16-year-old boy works there with her and happens to be interested in her. Only problem is that she's a pretty and popular girl and he's a nerd. Does the bakery bring them together or tear them apart?


5. V :: 20 Questions

Chapter 5

20 Questions

Violet's POV

"Wanna play 20 questions?" I asked Harry as I finished my last batch of muffins and slid them into one oven.

"Sure," He said. We made small talk while we baked and his shutter was mostly gone as he got mor comfortable with me.

We walked out to the main area and I perched myself next to the coffee machine on the counter as Harry sat across me.

"Question one, why did you start baking?" I queried.

He shrugged. "My mum and sister always do it so I decided to tag along one day and now I love it. Why did you?"

"My mom was always out with her friends and my dad at work so I stayed in a big house with no one but the housemaid and my stuffed animals. And the housemaid Lucia happened to be the coolest housemaid ever so I always tagged along with her whenever. Whenever she would make food she had me help her. She made me us matching aprons and she would wear a tiara with me as we made food and I fell in love with it," I explained. "Whats the most rebellious thing you've ever done?"

He looked into space, thinking, before he finally responded with, "Today I skipped school to be here."

I laughed and he did to. "You're such a badass!" I exclaimed sarcastically. He nodded while laughing. "Congratulations! You're the one 16-year-old boy who skips school to bake!"

Our laughter was so real to the point we weren't making any noise but instead looked like we were having panic attacks.

"Okay, my turn to ask you something!" He said. "What is something no one knows about you. And by no one, I mean absolutely no one on the face of the earth."

I was nervous. Would I actually tell him this? It was the one part of me absolutely no one knew and I had just met Harry that day.

I took a deep breath before deciding to tell him.

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