Bakery Boy || Harry Styles AU

Violet didn't have much to do when she moved to Holmes Chapel, so she decided to get a job at a bakery. Harry, a cute 16-year-old boy works there with her and happens to be interested in her. Only problem is that she's a pretty and popular girl and he's a nerd. Does the bakery bring them together or tear them apart?


3. III :: Morning Mood

Chapter 3

Morning Mood

Violet's POV

On Monday morning I woke up at 9:00 sharp. Melanie said I should be at work at 10:00 so I left myself time to do the following list.

1. Take a shower

2. Blow dry hair

3. Get dressed

4. Fight with my mom about something probably stupid

5. Skateboard to the bakery

I showered quickly before blowing my hair dry and pulling it into a messy bun. Then I changed into my blue New York tee and soft black skinny jeans, slipped on my glasses, put in gold heart earrings, and topping it off with my good luck necklace my dad gave me for my 16th birthday, a golden shark tooth.

I made my way down the stairs and saw my mom standing there in a black dress with all diamond jewelry on. If you couldn't tell yet we are rich. I hate it because I want to donate to charity and help the homeless but my mom just says it's " a waste of money and time."

"Violet, I'm going on a date," She said.

The actual f**k woman. You got divorced less than a week ago!

"It's with a very rich man. He's a CEO and if you happen to run into him then you better be respectful," She ordered me.

I scoffed. Respect the man she wanted to take my father's place? Hell to the no.

I grabbed my board and much to my luck (sarcasm) she continued talking to me.

"You are going to have to enroll somewhere by the end of the week. Where are you going?"

For the first time that week I spoke, "Work. I got a job."

She laughed humorously, "Why would you do that? You know you never need to work a day in your life."

"Because I want to do something for me," I snapped, "to make me happy. I want to do something I enjoy so that's what I'm doing. I know I don't have to but I also know I don't have to take your sh*tty rich hand outs."

Her mouth formed a surprised 'O' and I laughed bitterly before leaving down the road.

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