Bakery Boy || Harry Styles AU

Violet didn't have much to do when she moved to Holmes Chapel, so she decided to get a job at a bakery. Harry, a cute 16-year-old boy works there with her and happens to be interested in her. Only problem is that she's a pretty and popular girl and he's a nerd. Does the bakery bring them together or tear them apart?


2. II :: Getting The Job

Chapter 2

Getting The Job

Violet's POV

after moved in

"Where do you think you're going?" My mom's voice snapped at me while I stood at the door with my skateboard. "And you should get rid of that gross thing, you're father gave it to you."

No sh*t, I thought sarcastically, I never realized.

I lifted my middle finger before leaving and skateboarding to explore my new neighborhood.

I rid for about ten minutes before I came across a cute shop that said Mel's and had a help wanted sign. It was a bakery and I loved baking. Lucia always had me help her make food for my parents.

I stopped my board and walked in with it in my hand. The bakery was the cutest thing I had ever seen. It was more of a cafe and had the cutest hipster set up.

"Hello dear. Can I help you?" An older woman asked me.

"Uh," I said, "I'm Violet. I saw your help wanted sign?" It came out more as a question then a statement.

She smiled sweetly. "How old are you love?" She asked.


"Any experience?"

"About 12 years."

"You start on Monday."

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