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Ángel Trujillo is the bad boy of Woods High School. Every girl falls for him. Well all but one. The new girl Kristina Gonzalez doesn't. She thinks he a non responsible in mature boy. But Jason is hiding something for her and the rest of the school. Ángel is not a normal teenager and neither is Kristina. The love learn to fall in love. Will Ángel have the guts to tell her or will he forget about it. Will Ángel but both there life's in danger. Will they put everyone's life in harms way to be together.
From Ángel's point of view.


1. Kristina Gonzalez

Full name: Kristina Angel Gonzalez

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Bio: Born and raised in New Mexico. Moved because she was getting bullied at her old high school. Always sees strange stuff. Her parents got divorced when she was 13. She lives with her mom.

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