What If?

What if you could change what your life was like? What if you could start your life over? What if you could be given a second chance, be Altered? And if you could, would you?


1. Darkness

Darkness is everything. It is every shadow you see lurking around corners and causing you to feel that familiar fear. It is what swims before you before coming into Light. It is what you see before you see the afterlife. Darkness can consume you if you are not careful.

    I wish someone had told me that before I made my decision to follow Darkness. I wish that I could be in the afterlife with the ones I love, the ones that left me, than here, in this tiny, second-chance, Altered bubble. Who am I, you might be asking?

    You may never know fully.

    You see, I'm one of many that got that second chance. That second chance Alters you.



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