What If?

What if you could change what your life was like? What if you could start your life over? What if you could be given a second chance, be Altered? And if you could, would you?


2. Being Altered

Its difficult to walk the halls of my school when youve had that second chance, when you’ve been Altered. People stare at you like you’re from another planet. They dont want to come near you, like youll kill them if they come too close.

    That’s what it is for me.

    The conversations sound muffled, like waves crashing against rocks. A group of boys push each other playfully, laughing. As I pass a group of girls, I look at them. They take one glance at me, then turn away, giggling and whispers rumors in each other’s ears. They are all blond-haired and green-eyed and tan-skinned.

    "Look at that girl," one of them says.

    "Yeah, she looks so stupid," another replies.

    As I turn back to them, a third gives me the finger, then says to her friends, "Shit, did they Alter her wrong?"

    I ignore them and continue on my way. I know what I look like. I got to see it before given the second chance, given the chance to be Altered. Straight, medium length, raven feather black hair that touches the middle of my back, piercing, icy blue eyes, and skin the color of the snow during winter.

    I may seem short, but I’m only 5’4. I may seem like an 11-year-old, but I have the inward curve of my small waist, and the outward curve of my bony hips. I am thin-framed, and far from flat-chested. My face is nothing special, but somewhat young-looking: Large, cat-eyes, high cheekbones, cherry-pink lips with a rounded cuff, and a small tapered nose.

    There is a blue-black bead necklace around my neck, which says that I’ve been Altered. I turn the corner and through the door of my first class, Advanced USA History. Silence falls over the room, and all eyes turn to me. The teacher is a young man, who looks at me. I refuse to look him.

    “Hello, Miss Grace. Take a seat in the front.” He gestures to a seat that is right in front of his desk. I saunter over to that seat and plop down next to a girl who is a year older than me. Her fire-red hair and emerald eyes are not what gets me staring at her, but rather, it is the blue-black necklace she wears. She's Altered, I think. That's when she turns to me.

    "Hi," she whispers. "I'm Laurie."

    "I'm Savannah." I tuck a strand of loose hair behind my ear. Refocusing on the now beginning lesson, I sigh and lean my fist into my cheek. It's going to be a long day.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter! I promise I'll write more when I can! :)

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