Bite Me (Dan and Phil)

cabin fever
nounNORTH AMERICANinformal
lassitude, irritability, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.
"a great energy-burning game for exuberant Cubs with midwinter cabin fever"

After weeks of being cooped up in her brothers flat with no other company than a psychotic cat who shared her name, Ginger was starting to get more than a little bit lonely. So when a stranger accidentally phones her she jumps at the chance to talk to him, that is until the gang of criminals who were out to get her break down the front door.

(This story contains strong language, violence and some mature content.)


7. Five

*2 months later*

"Hi guys!" Phil smiled waving at the camera "So today I'm with my friend Ginger and Dan."

"Hi Phandom." I smiled waving while Dan gave his side smile and a salute.

If my stomach does anymore somersaults it'll win gold at the 
Olympics for gymnastics.

"So today we're going to be doing truth or dare...." His face went all serious "with a twist." His voice went deeper and he pointed his finger in the air.

"What are you pointing at." I asked giggling.

"The twist." Phil told me "Can you not see it?"

"Hang on let me just put my glasses on." I joked clicking my fingers.

Phil lent me his glasses and I put them on. "We can jump cut it so it looks like they magically appeared" he told me. 
The world was now blurry and my head was hurting. We got back to how we were sat before "Ah yes it's beautiful." I carried on.

"Can I take these off now before I die?" I asked.

Phil nodded and took them of my face.

"So the twist was going to be that we weren't allowed to talk but then I realised that we wouldn't be able to give each other dares and stuff."

"Well done Phil." Dan said clapping sarcastically.

"So instead I bought this shock machine!" Phil continued opening his mouth wide and smiling and holding the machine up to the camera "So, if someone doesn't do a dare or answer a question then they'll get a shock."

"Why did I agree to this?" I asked realising what I'd gotten myself into.

"I've done this before and it really hurts" Dan told me.

"Muhahaha." Phil laughed rubbing his hands together with a menacing look on his face.

"I don't know what you're laughing about. You're doing it too." Dan pointed out.

"Oh.... Yeah."

"Hurrr Durrrr."

I laughed at them both.

"So I've got this bottle and we're gonna spin it to see who we should dare.... Or truth." Phil explained.

"Shouldn't we sit on the floor then?" I asked scratching my shoulder.

We moved onto the floor and Phil spun the bottle. It landed on me. Great.

"Ginger... Truth or dare?" Phil asked.

"Truth." I replied confidently. I had no secrets, this wouldn't be a problem for me.

"If you had to kiss either Dan or Me, who would you kiss?" He asked smugly.

I could feel Dan staring at me waiting for an answer.

"Phil." I replied.

"Wait, what?" Phil asked confused.

"I'd kiss you."


"Because I know that Dan likes me, I mean likes me. So I wouldn't want to mess with his head and hurt him. If I kissed you then it would hurt you because I know that you just think of me as a friend."

"I'd get hurt." Dan spoke "I thought you liked me too."

"I do."

"Then why aren't we together? Why are you fucking with me like this. Two fucking months you've been flirting with me and then turning me down."

I didn't reply. I just spun the bottle, it landed on Dan.

"Dare." He spoke plastering his face with a false smile.

"I dare you to try and eat four pineapples in five minutes."  I painted my face with a fake smile just like Dan did a few seconds ago.

"We don't have four pineapples." Dan pointed out.

Me and Phil looked at each other and then ran off into the kitchen bringing out a huge bowl filled with pineapple chunks.

"Here's some we prepared earlier!" I grinned holding the bowl up to the camera.

Dan laughed and put his head in his hands. His laugh was genuine, so now my smile was too.

"Your five minutes starts... Now." Phil spoke pressing the timer on his phone.

Dan shoved the pineapple into his mouth as quickly as he could, the juice running down his chin.

Phil and me laughed as Dan filled his mouth with more and more pineapple.

"I'm going to be sick." Dan groaned when the time was up. He still had a few pieces of pineapple left in the bowl but he did pretty well.

"Phil..." Dan said to Phil as the bottle landed on him.

"Truth." Phil spoke.

"What's in that big box under your bed?"

Phil went silent and bowed his head.

"I bet it's anal beads." Dan joked.

"You know how your cereal keeps going missing? Well I've been hiding it from you as revenge for you loosing my hair straighteners." Phil confessed nervously



"Five bloody months my cereals been disappearing for and it's been you all along. I should shock you as punishment!"

Phil stuck the stickers from the shock machine on his arm and Dan pressed the button.

Phil cried out in pain "I don't like it. I don't like it."

I covered my mouth with my hand trying not to laugh at poor Phil.

In the next ten minutes Phil had managed to persuade Dan to let him touch his neck and I had dared Phil to eat soap.

Dan spun the bottle "Ginger, truth or dare?" He asked.

"But it landed on Phil." I pointed out.

Dan spun the bottle again, and again, and again until it landed on me "Truth or dare?" He asked.

I sighed in defeat "Truth."

"Why do you keep fucking with my head." He snapped.

I could tell that he was pissed off by the tone of his voice, he'd never snapped at me before. I felt guilty.

"I don't mean to." I looked at my hands.

"Truth or dare." he asked again.

"You had your turn."

"Truth or fucking dare."


"I dare you to let yourself fall in love. Even if it's not with me, I can't  watch you live your life never loving anyone."

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I already have fallen in love."

"Well then why won't you kiss me." His voice was gentle now and his facial expression had changed from being pissed off to looking upset.

"I don't want to hurt you." I replied "I fuck people and then I leave, not fall in love. This isn't me."

"It is you, just not the you that you're used to." He moved closer to me.

"I'm not used to feeling things. I've lived my entire life being empty, I was fine that way."

"Are you not fine now?" He moved even closer. He looked concerned.

"No I'm more than fine."  A tear ran down my face "But I'm scared I'll hurt you."

"You won't, i trust you." He moved even closer, there was only millimetres apart from us now. He wiped the year aways from my cheek and kissed my forehead "Please." He whispered.

I looked into his eyes for a while and then nodded. He smiled softly and then placed his lips on mine.

When they say that there's fireworks,  they're lying. Theres one of them. But it's like there's nobody else in the entire universe other than you and them. It feels like you could stop time and like you could break the laws of gravity and fly to Mars and back. And I know it's cheesy, but it's true.

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