Bite Me (Dan and Phil)

cabin fever
nounNORTH AMERICANinformal
lassitude, irritability, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.
"a great energy-burning game for exuberant Cubs with midwinter cabin fever"

After weeks of being cooped up in her brothers flat with no other company than a psychotic cat who shared her name, Ginger was starting to get more than a little bit lonely. So when a stranger accidentally phones her she jumps at the chance to talk to him, that is until the gang of criminals who were out to get her break down the front door.

(This story contains strong language, violence and some mature content.)


1. Before you start reading.

This is a working progress, it hasn't been proof read, planned or edited. It started off as a paragraph that I decided to turn into a few chapters at 1am and I haven't read it since writing it. If I do decide to take this anywhere I will proof read/edit and improve on it etc. 

This is cringey and unrealistic so don't expect much from this. I was just tired of reading about girls who can't fend for themselves and need a man to help themselves blah blah blah (I'm guilty of writing female characters as damsels in distress too, but it's 2015, we should probably move on from that, even though even I'll still probably be doing it in years to come.) 

If you notice any mistakes just comment them and I'll correct them if I can be bothered.  Also PLEASE don't murder me if I haven't written Dan and Phils personalities accurately, I'm not good at writing about real people.  

It could be shit, it could be great. I don't know. 

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