The Fallen

"We call to the rejected, the denied, the different. We call to the fallen." ~~copyright 2015 Megan C~~


1. Prologue

The rejection was the worst part. I didn't understand how he could've let this happen. I didn't do anything wrong, did I? It was just once.. it would've only happened once!  I would never have let it happen again! But Gabriel said that I had to leave the courts of Heaven, to not be seen again directly by the eyes of God.

The fall hurt. A lot. I landed in a heap beside a large oak tree, my silver wings wrapped around my body in a protective manner. As I stood, I stretched out my wings, my wingspan going out about eight feet. There were a few aches, and my arms were bruised. I would be okay. I just needed to find Castiel, it is what Gabriel told me to do when I reached Earth. Castiel would help me fit in around this hell-hole.

"Well," I said aloud to myself, "I'm calling this place a hell-hole, but I have to live here for God-knows-how-long. I better get used to it."

I stretched out a little bit more, hid my wings, then took note on my surroundings. I was in what seemed to be an empty park in Dallas, Texas.

Or, I thought it was empty.

Looking to my left, I saw a shadow hiding near the large oak I had fallen beside. The shadow went to hide behind the tree, when I shouted, "Castiel?"

The figure stopped, then came out into the dimly lit parkway.

It was Cas. And he didn't look specifically happy like he should've been, seeing his younger sister again.

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