The Fallen

"We call to the rejected, the denied, the different. We call to the fallen." ~~copyright 2015 Megan C~~


2. Before The Fall

"Don't do it," I begged.

"But I can't stand it anymore," Deliah answered, "You may be my guardian angel, but you aren't a very good one."

That passed the line.

"You know what? Go ahead. Jump off this bridge. Do it. It's not like I can stop you."

So that's what she did. She jumped.

My eyes widened in realization of what just happened. I failed my duties. My duties as a guardian angel, my duties as a friend. I sank to my knees and tears streamed down my face.

"You have failed, Carlea," I heard a voice say from behind me. I spun around quickly, expecting to see someone there.

There was nobody.

"You must come back with me to heaven so you can face your judgement."

I turned again, only to see nothing.

"Take my hand and fly."

I turned one last time, and I finally found the culprit of the disembodied voice. It was Gabriel. Gabriel, my own family, was going to take me to the court of God.

"Gabriel," I said, voice cracking as tears rolled down my face. "What have I done?"

His face was grim as he took my hand and started to lead me upwards. "I have no clue Carlea... but God will have to oversee your punishment."

My tears started to dry as we got higher and higher, and then the panic set in. What was going to happen now? Was I going to become... one of the fallen?

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