Random thoughts and things I would never say to peoples faces!


2. Back to being weird

Hello so sorry I have not been updating but Christmas and school have been keeping meh super busy. So over the past month or so a #BusWar has been going on so I will fill u in. So this all started because this kid Molly wanted my sister to sit with her but my sister sat with me. Molly started passing back notes saying things such as "you pinkie promised me" " I'm not gonna be your friend anymore" or "I'm gonna move out of the seat. There happens to be another phoebe on our bus so another kid Camden, thought that these notes were to his cousin phoebe. They were to my sister though. So Camden started to say things like " what your saying is mean" you should not say that and other things. Molly now turns around looks Camden in the face and punches him strait in the face. She also poked him in the eye but right now we're questioning wether that was on purpose or not. This was all dealed with and Molly has her punishment. But people on the bus are spreading roomers and taunting her. I have had an entire bus hate me before and it stinks. So me and Molly went to the guidance counselor about it but we're not sure they're doing anything. It's been a week. Can you leave some help in the comments? Ok now onto the thoughts of the day! Why do they call carpets well carpets it's not a car that's a pet or a pet in a car so why do they basically call it that? Well bye y'all see ya later!

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